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So, I’m sitting here with WWSW playing Christmas Carols on my computer (IHeart is awesome… it has been a favorite radio station for years… especially this time of year), candles dancing, dog and cat happily chewing on each other.  Thanksgiving … Continue reading


Boye 4 in 1 crochet tool

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Hello!  I don’t usually get this excited about kitchy kind of things (okay, sometimes I do, but this one is so cool I just have to write about it).  I went to WalMart to see if I could find a … Continue reading

Noteledge app

Holy cow, it’s Sunday again already.  More to the point, it’s almost Thanksgiving again.  October. when I was down south, made me homesick for fall, chilly weather, leaves, frost… In the last several years, November has made me think about Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis.  Hard to believe it’s been six years since I found out what is really going on inside my body.

This week has been an adventure filled week.

I went to have my toe taken care of on Monday.  Actually, I went last week and the family practitioner gave me antibiotics to get rid of the infection and sent me to a podiatrist.  He seemed to be under the impression that a podiatrist was easier to get in to than a dermatologist in the Cleveland Clinic system.  They are, but not by much.

Which reminds me, I have two appointments mid-December I probably should get cancelled…

Monday I went to a perfectly wonderful doctor in the University Medical Center group of doctors.  He fixed the underlying issue and I feel so much better.  This week, it’s back to training for the Santa Hustle.

But, I was supposed to have my infusion on Wednesday.  I was (am) on antibiotics for staph infection in the toe so… they cancelled the infusion.  Without letting me know.  I showed up at the appointment and… no… you don’t have an appointment today.  “OH they cancelled it because you’re on antibiotics.  Didn’t they call you? “… no… I’m pretty sure I would have remembered someone calling to tell me that I will be spending the next entire week feeling like crap.

So, I’m half way to Thursday when I get to go have my infusion (I hope).  Toe is much better (MUCH better), antibiotics are almost gone, I’m gobbling Napproxin like tic-tacs at this point, and dropping everything that ends up in my hands, but by next weekend that will pass.  I’m gagging everyone in my family with the smell of Tiger Balm but I really don’t care.

One thing I found while I was feeling down this week was Noteledge has been ported to Android.  It’s not as robust as the iOS version, and the iOS version seems to be buggy as all get out sometimes, but I like this… It will export in mobi or epub… it has pretty decent voice recognition.  I think I’m going to try keeping the “upgraded” version I am subscribing to now to see how it works on a phone.  I may be able to talk to it on the way to work and get some writing done while I’m ‘wasting’ time driving to work in the mornings.  Might even be able to capture some real time dialog.  I’m still playing with it, and I’m not convinced it will take the place of my S-Note, but I kind of like it.  Time will tell.

That Time of The Month Again

2010 09 07 16 49 28

2010 09 07 16 49 28

Not quite dawn and here I sit, waiting for it to be infusion time.

I wasn’t totally sure I was going to be allowed to get my infusion today… I have been messing around with an infected toe for… well… several months.  You would THINK I would have had it taken care of long ago, since my out of pocket maximum for the year is well past and I should KNOW better than to mess around with stuff too long.

I didn’t.

Instead I waited for it to get better on its own.  I cleaned it all the time and kept bandages on it (to keep my sock from sticking fast) but it would not heal.  Finally I went to the doctor (have to go to the family practitioner first so they can look at my toe and tell me it is infected and I should see a podiatrist.  They can also tell me that I don’t look like I have RA because all of my fingers and toes point in the ‘right’ direction and “Let me TELL you about my mother’s RA.  It was so bad, when she was 70, that she couldn’t make a fist any longer and rather than pulling weeds, she took to pouring gasoline on them”… so yours must not be that bad.



So, I go on a mad podiatrist hunt.

There is something about being affiliated with a megalopolis hospital system (I thought… ha ha ha) is that there are bunches and bunches of doctors in the system so I would probably not take FOR freaking ever to get in to see any given specialist, even if I would have to drive 30 or 40 miles to see one.  Yeah… NOT so much.  I have an appointment (the soonest I could get) December 10 35 miles away.  They changed it from the one I had on December 28th just up the road.

I was a bit miffed, to say the least.  I have two ‘races’ coming up in December and I really didn’t want to have to deal with it that long.

The ‘other’ hospital system wasn’t any better.  They could work me in on December 18.

There are hospitals and medical pavilions EVERYWHERE around here.  HUGE ones.  Dermatologist?  six months waiting list (better hope that melanoma can wait just a LITTLE longer… ).   My family doctor is taking “sick people” appointments a month out and physicals are three or four months out.  <<that reminds me… it’s time to make my April appointment for my physical>>

I remembered the third option for doctors and… amazingly… called Friday and got worked in on Monday.  The doctor, argyle socks, burgundy denims and an incredible bow tie, was amazing.  His computer had a 26.2 sticker on it (made me smile).  He fixed me up before I left.  Cleaned out the yuk and its cause and made sure it would say gone (at least for the foreseeable future).

He told me that my RA has spawned bunions (haven’t you noticed your running shoes fitting less well?) that may need to be addressed in the future. He sent me on my merry way.

I emailed my doctor yesterday to make sure I should ACTUALLY come in for my infusion.  No answer, so I guess I should.

So here I am, dressed in sweats and a long sleeved T-shirt getting ready to go to work at the other computer in my office and get some crap done… in a couple hours I will trot off to the doctor and infusion center!

I hope they have the yummy graham crackers today…

For now, let me leave you with this parting observation… if something hurts, have it looked at.  Don’t put it off hoping it will fix itself.  Don’t chalk it up to old age.  Have it looked at.  You are worth feeling better for…

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Updated November 11, 2015

It’s a COFFEE CUP!!!

****************** Rant Alert *********************

So, the hullabaloo lately has been Starbucks red holiday cups.  I’m not sure if it is as big a deal as social media makes it out to be or not.    If it isn’t, then it is AMAZING marketing on Starbucks part.  If it is… PU-LEEZE…

It’s a cardboard cup that will end up in a landfill somewhere.  It’s a FIVE DOLLAR cardboard cup that will end up in a landfill somewhere.  It’s a cup.  If you only drink Starbucks because they have CHRISTmas cups, have you ever actually paid attention to the cups?  I’m not sure what part of Jesus was connected to snowflakes, snowmen or reindeer, but I’m sure there is somewhere in the Bible that had snowflakes.

The holiday cups come out in November.  Not typically the Christmas month, but… you know…

Starbucks is a global company.

Coffee/tea is not a Christian drink.

We live in a country where separation of church and state is an HUGE deal as long as it is separation for MY religion but NOT yours… neener neener.

It’s a CARDBOARD cup.  It will come with a brown corrugated sleeve so you don’t burn your widdle fingers on the cup.

This country is so consumed with what one COMPANY is doing with their cups… you know what… buy ten of those plain red cups of coffee/tea and walk down the street handing them to cold homeless people.  You have a FAR better chance of having people remember that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” than seeing your “OH SO ORIGINAL” use of

My name is Merry Christmas (so you have Merry Christmas on this year’s cup )

as you strut your proud little self down the street…

You know what… go buy yourself a Merry Christmas travel mug and have Starbucks use THAT to put your coffee in.  You get your coffee and your sentiment and it keeps trash out of the landfill.  You get to be ecologically intelligent AND have your coffee in the cup of your choice.

As for me, I’m going to keep drinking my ‘while I’m out and about” coffee, no matter where I buy it in one of two cups this holiday season.  And maybe, just maybe I will go buy an extra cup of coffee when I go buy mine, and hand it to the people living in the two tents under a bridge right now in Cleveland…. and while I’m at it, maybe a hat and scarf and glovies to go with the plain red cup (or white, or whatever color it happens to be)

DSC00448Merry Monday!


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Chronic Illness 30 day challenge… day 14… five things I’m grateful for

Day 14… five things for which I am grateful…. (that prepositional phrase sounds better to me that way… not even because I learned to not end sentences with prepositions… it just sounds better… )….. My family (family of birth, and … Continue reading

Chronic Illness 30 day challenge… day 13… Has your condition had any effect on your mental health

30 day RA information challenge

I realized that, I guess it is time to get back to this thread again.  It’s been kind of a while since I’ve thought about any of the questions, let alone the answers.

So… today is the day I’m tackling 13…

I’m not sure the answer to this question.  I mean… since I was diagnosed, I’ve changed a lot.  The way I look at things and think about things has changed a lot.  But I’m not sure my mental health has changed.

I’m still aspie…. so… I’m still aspie.  I still have days when I melt down and go hide until I can pull it all back together.  I have days where I HATE my body and what it is doing to itself.  There are many days that I hate my hands because they hurt and that is a limiting factor in a good deal of my life.  I’ve started to take life a little slower and enjoy more of it.  I spend more time just sitting on the porch listening to the morning sounds, even in the dead of winter.

I’m harder on myself, though.  I push myself too hard and I often pay the price for it… and when I pay the price for it, I beat myself up for being stupid for pushing myself and then I beat myself up for my body hurting so much when I push myself.

I’m not sure, though, how much of my mental changes have been as a result of RA… and how many of them have been a result of getting older and growing into who I am.

I suppose I could dissolve into… I am my RA and my RA is me and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… but… I know that my RA is forever and it will be a part of me as long as I keep trudging on… but it is only a PART of me and it can’t define me.

I am what I am and that’s all that I am.

so… I guess… to keep beating on something that is really a non-entity… my mental health has changed, but I really don’t know how or why to connect it to RA.

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Updated October 22, 2015


Patience and Frustration

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I’ve had all I can stands I can’t stands no more. There comes a point where being ‘nice’ and being patient is just highly over rated.   There comes a point where it’s just frustrating and makes me feel like … Continue reading

Field Guides

Wikipedia defines a field guide like this:

A field guide is a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife (plants or animals) or other objects of natural occurrence (e.g. minerals). It is generally designed to be brought into the ‘field’ or local area where such objects exist to help distinguish between similar objects.[1] Field guides are often designed to help users distinguish animals and plants that may be similar in appearance but are not necessarily closely related.

I have several field guides… some larger than others… most with pretty pictures or drawings.  I even have a field guide that doesn’t exactly qualify as a field guide (it’s kind of a field guide for geeks and it makes me smile).

I’ve been looking at the ones that I have and thinking… always a scary thing… that RA needs to have a field guide… maybe several conditions do, but right now I’ve been thinking about RA.  I’ve been thinking… and researching… and wondering…


What do you think?  A field guide… I really liked reading “The First Year: Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” when I was first diagnosed, but there are things that it leaves out… things that people want to know… 


I’m thinking… maybe?


Under Productive Weekend

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So, here I sit, in the quiet of not quite dawn on Sunday morning.  I have coffee (yes, pumpkin creamer… in Sheetz Winter Blend… it’s interesting).  I have taken a long hot bath to help ease out the achies of … Continue reading