Daily Archives: March 17, 2009

Taking Time to be with Family

One thing that bear does a lot is to walk nearly everywhere he can.  He walks every night… but I run early every morning (or every other morning) and to walk late and run early I would make myself sick quickly.

But today (comp time day) we needed bread and eggs, so it was a walk to HEB.  I didn’t HAVE to do anything else… I didn’t have to be on the computer, I didn’t have to be on the phone.  I got to take a long walk… it was great.  When I got back, I was tired… but it was nice to be able to walk and talk and ejoy the afternoon…

6 months ago, the walk would have been way harder… I would have been much more sore… I would have been way more tired… I would have wanted to sit down when i got to the store.  Not today.  It felt really good.  Different shoes would have proably made a big difference but I still felt great at the return end.


Yep.  I’ve been being able to go to the field meets to watch (and help) squirrel in her running.  I can tell her what is going to help her to recover.  I can tell her what not to stretch when she is at the end or the beginning becuase I’ve made a lot of the mistakes already that mean I hurt with the stretch (or lack of it)… what makes you feel better (and it doesn’t mean Dr Pepper).

I can spend more time with myself… and feeling good about me… but I can also spend more time with my family.

Making Yourself Important

I relized this morning that it really is only 30 minutes (right now…).  There are twenty four whole hours in a day and with the blog that I’m listening to when I run right now, it is only 30 minutes that I’m taking out of my day to spend on just me.  Okay a couple days a week I’ve added another 30… but that is still only an hour.

But it is amazing what making myself important enough to take those precious minutes to spend on me… to spend on making myself important enough to ‘waste’ the precious time on.

It really does make a huge difference to my day when I take this time for just me.  And I make the time that I take for me matter.  Sometimes it is nothing more than a walk… the days when alergies make me feel like my head is going to explode and I know that if I ran I would probably never make it.

It really doesn’t matter what YOU do.  Walk across the back yard.  Walk your dog three times around the yard… or take him once around the block.  Listen to music while you go or listen to the world around you.  I’m lucky… I have a kingfisher that lives in one of the trees by my house.  I get to hear her every morning on my way home.  Once in a while an owl keeps her company.  The trains are always there, right on time… at about 15 min past each hour.  Dogs making conversation with each other… Flowers that will soon be blooming or that already are.

Getting healthier is the “reason” I do this, but at the same time, realizing that I’ve made myself important enough to take the time to make myself better is making me mentally healthier too… improving my outlook on my day.  Brushing away all of the schmutz that was there from yesterday and clearing out the cobwebs that settled overnight.

Taking the time for me is making all the difference.