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Trying to come to terms with methotrexate…

I hate Fridays.  I have always enjoyed Fridays… we live less than 2 miles by road… probably less than a mile as the crow flies from the Baseball park… Fridays, when they have a home game they have fireworks after … Continue reading

The Little Things #5… Lavender

Okay, I absolutely love the smell of lavender.  I have lavender hand cream… I have lavender tea… and about three years ago, I planted a lavender plant in the flower bed in the back yard.

It was such a little thing when I planted it… one of those  tiny little pots from the herbs section of the grocery store or Walmart garden shop.  I didn’t hold out much hope of it growing into much (even though I have been told that I could make a broom straw grow green if I shoved it into the ground) because, lets face it, I live in central texas… it is HOT… and most years we don’t get a whole awful lot of rain.

The first year it had one lonely flower… which I picked and dried.

The second year it had maybe three flower stems.  Again… Picked and dried…

Tonight, I went out into the back yard and picked a hand full of stems (they are hanging in the kitchen in the window… a baggy around the flowers to catch them as they dry and fall off… ) and I should be able to get at least three more handfulls about the same size in the next couple days… It is full of blooms and the air is full of the smell of lavender.

It smells so nice, clean… relaxing.

It was SO worth the $4 I probably spent on it… and it is such a beautiful plant…right next to the rosemary that almost died but came back.