Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

More Thinking About Perspective


When you find out that you have (or someone you love deeply has) a chronic condition, whatever that chronic condition is, it is kind of like suddenly finding yourself lost in a lonely little rowboat in the middle of a dense fog bank.

You may not be alone.  You may have the best support system around you that you could ever dream of having, but finding out your new reality hits you so hard that you suddenly find yourself lost.

The sun may burn off the fog in hours, days, or months.  The wind may fill your sails and push you out of the fog.  It may roll back in later, but it will likely not be as thick or as frightening the next time you find yourself feeling lost.

If you are the one in the fog, reach out to the light houses along your way, find your candle on the water to help you find your way.  If you have been in the fog… you can be someone’s lighthouse, even if it is only virtually (on line… on facebook or other social networking site, or in another medium).  If you love someone who finds themselves being lost… understand that the fog can roll in suddenly and overwhelm their little boat… throw them a rope so they can feel safe.  Knowing the rope is there, knowing the light house is there, knowing that there is anyone who gets it (understands, has been there, gives a dam) is sometimes the most important thing in the world.

My Pre-OP arm

This is my little scar from my last surgery.  It was a LITTLE scar until they had to go back in and clean out a eensy little problem with a leaking blood vessel that they didn’t catch during the surgery.

Adam still talks about the scream that I let out when the original stitches ripped out and the blood drained out through the cast.

This is the top side… it looks mostly normal from here…

And my knuckles don’t look too awful.

I will be really glad when I can take my meds again so it doesn’t get bad…

This one creeps me out big time… This, coupled with the “yeah, you are probably feeling the bones move both in your arm and in your imagination” just makes me wish that Friday would get her NOW… it can’t happen too soon.