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Feeling Like a Lump (warning… rant)

Good grief I’m feeling like a lump today.  Yesterday rode 12 miles on stationary bike, day before I ran 3 miles.  Today, got up at 5 and went straight to work… what fun.  I hate when I don’t have the chance to clear my head.  I hate when I feel like I’m a worthless useless lump and ought to have my running shoes revoked.

But here I am, doing the dutiful and working working working to shut everyone up.  Everyone and everything else matters SO FREAKING much… Maybe… probably not… but MAYBE when I’m 500 years old I will get to matter JUST A LITTLE BIT.

I’m not on primary production pager duty… so by rights I shouldn’t have to be watching my databases at 5 am…. but yeah, they are my databases so someone else can “do their dutiful” Bull#$%^ and make sure that jobs that usually finish in 2 hours take well over 5 to finish… becuase running their happy little backup jobs CAN’T be scheduled during the weekend during the day… THEY HAVE A LIFE don’t you know… (imiplication, it doesn’t matter who else might or might not have a life… THEY do and they aren’t going to inconvenience themselves by actually SCHEDULING something to run that they don’t have to manually set off… something that might accidentally NOT cause the world to end…

No… that would be silly…

Let’s get Mikey… yeah… mikey is too stupid to not eat Life cereal… maybe mikey will be too stupid to fight back on the database.

I”m so getting tired of this.


Annual Lab Work

I feel pretty good tonight.  50 minuites in the fog this monring (did you know that, if it is in the 50s and foggy it smells like a summer rain in western PA… it smells warm and acidy and black).  My knee hurts a lot so I didn’t actually go to the gym today… but I can deal wtih that.

Dr called today… lab work came back… sugar was 89… cholesterol total was 189… bad cholesterol was 111 (down from 132)

I have to go back for another set of lab work in 6 months but she said to keep doing what I’ve been doing… and keep up the good work

I’m not sure what keeps going on with my knee and my elbow (they hurt tonight… )… I’m wondering if it is arthritis.

He Made Me Tea

DS made me a cup of pomegranate tea today.  It was way heavy with sugar but it was really good and it was so sweet.

It’s incredible how sweet kids can be… just when you want to be irritated with them, they do something like this… eesh.

I must be doing it wrong

I go to the gym at lunch. I would ‘just’ run at lunch, but the gym has a shower…

I have decided, though, that I must be doing something wrong. When I go to the gym… I try to work hard enough to work up a sweat. I figure working hard means making progress.

Today, I decided that I have to be doing something wrong.

The guy on the bike next to me rode for about 5 minutes at about 60 rpm at level 1…
the guy on the bike next to him wasn’t working THAT hard.
the girl on the other side of me had on beautiful makeup and her hair all done up nice… and she was probably working not real hard… level 1 by watching her… 45 – 50 rpm.

while I admit I NEED to work harder than little chick on the bike does… I’m pretty sure that most of the people who go just use the gym as a place to hide out and have some quiet time and do a little movement but nothing too strenuous.

Am I missing something?

Guys who use the weights do… two, maybe 3 ‘reps’ and then sit for 10 minutes.
Does that work?
AM I working too hard at this? Should I spend more of my time coasting less of my time trying to keep my heart rate up?

I thought sweating was part of making some kind of progress…

I must be doing this all wrong.

Tea for Breakfast

Trying to tool my life to be more healthy in all of the places that I can.  I know I can’t change the way I eat dinner to any great degree, but I’m trying to make the changes where I can.

This morning, rather than coffee, I drank tea.

The Down Side of Getting Healthier

Yes, you heard me… there is a down side to being more fit and healthier.  The up side is getting healtier… feeling better… not hurting…

The down side… in order to get my heart rate into the target zone now I need to push harder and harder.  I need to up the resisitance on the bike.  I need to walk faster even with the same grade.  I can get it there, but it takes a lot more work than it did before.

My arm is achey… that is a definate downer, but that is always going to happen… there isn’t any way around it.

Today I did the treadmill at the gym.  Max speed was 4 mph, max incline was 14… I managed to get my heart rate up, but it took half the workout to get there.

Inconsiderate idiots, my rant for today

I live in a housing area that is fairly quiet and I run at the ungodly hour of 5 am, so traffic is minimal and most of the time the biggest thing I have to worry about is someone backing out  of their driveway and the driveway being edged by 9 foot hedges so I can’t see them coming.

And most of the other runners I see in the morning are running the street, not the sidewalk, so maybe I’m just silly… but yesterday it really really started to irritate me…

All houses in our housing area come with a garage (usually 2 car… very frequently it is made into the neighborhood sports bar because people don’t have room to open a public bar in their dining room and the dining room door doesn’t slide into the roof… go figure).  They also come with a driveway.  The drive way goes ALL THE WAY to the garage door… novel, don’t you think?

Why then, if you have a WHOLE drive way do you park your car the whole way across the sidewalk and leave a good ten or fifteen feet in front of it before you get to your sliding metal bar door?

Like I said, I really don’t mind so much having to go out on the street because it really isn’t that busy a street.  But it is the idea that they just don’t care… not about runners, not about little kids who have to walk out on the street when there IS traffic to get to the school that is three blocks away, frankly not about anybody.

This guy irritates me even more.  A third of his car is ON THE STREET.  What is the point of pulling into the driveway if you are parked on the street anyway.  And why don’t you just pull the other three cars that are on the other side of this white one up on the sidewalk too?  They are parallel parked along the street… why are they different than this precious white car?   Come ON!

I didn’t get pictures of the garbage cans (which are really what set me off on this rant to begin with).  Some lazy @$$ put all four of his garbage cans in a square on the side walk.  Did you know that if you put your garbage cans 2×2 on the sidewalk  it takes up the WHOLE side walk.  Because, you know, by lining them up, you would only block HALF the sidewalk and that would be ALMOST as stupid as walking them the extra four feet to the curb.  And I’ve seen the people who do this.  They aren’t the ninety year old frail people with a walker that I could actually accept, no, they are the posterior people WHO ARE OUT RUNNING WITH ME… The guy who went into that house was about 30 years old, dripping with sweat and looked like he’s been running for years and runs with his race number on his shirt.

HELLO…  If you are fit enough to run circles around my dog… take you cans to the curb you lazy idiot and have just a little consideration.

Makes me want to walk up and trip him.

I really want to run through the nicely manicured lawns of these people… stepping on the petunias and pansies that line the nice little driveways.  If you can’t leave me anywhere to safely run, the heck with your pretty lawn… I’m going to tramp through it because I can be as big moron as you.

I don’t… I remember Mr McPherson telling us that was rude and not to do it when I was in 4th grade and I just can’t… but I really really really just want to.

Okay… hissy fit over.

Rainbow Sky Newsletter January 9, 2009

I got my Rainbow Sky Newsletter this morning and it was fantastic!!!
Rainbow Sky is an online store run by an awesome lady who’s heart is bigger than the whole wide world.  The newsletter had some interesting information… things that I know I will use this year… ‘recipes’ for aromatherapy baths, to ease sore runner’s feet and to destress.


Energizing bath

Ingredients: 2 drops Geranium 3 drops Nutmeg 4 drops Orange 5 drops Bergamot 1 tsp Sweet Almond, Grape seed or Apricot Carrier Oil Relax and enjoy your bath. This aromatic bath will help stimulate you senses and prepare you for your day. Draw a warm bath. Add essential oils listed above to Carrier Oil. Pour blend into the water. Relax and enjoy your bath. This can also be made into incense or used in favorite diffusion method..

Relaxing Lavender Honey Bath :

Ingredients: 5 drops Lavender  2oz. of Honey Did you know that Honey has a calming effect? Combined with pure essential oil of Lavender it’s a yummy bath treatment. Why not try it tonight! Combine all ingredients in a jar. Use 1-2 tbsp per bath for awesome treat. This can also be made into incense or used in favorite diffusion method..

Quick start revitalization:

Ingredients: 2 drops Lemongrass 3 drops Peppermint 1 tbsp Sweet Almond, Grape seed, jojoba or Apricot Carrier Oil warm running water in bath tub Mix all ingredients together. Then add to bath by drops to your bath water while it is filling. This can also be made into incense or used in favorite diffusion method..

Runners, Jogger or Tired Feet Bath :

Ingredients: 4 drops Lemon 3 drops Lavender 3 drops Rosemary 4 drops Peppermint 1 tbsp Sweet Almond, Grape seed, jojoba or Apricot Carrier Oil Mix all ingredients together. Add oils to 2 gallons of warm water and mix well to soak feet. This blend comes in handy when you’ve been on your feet all day. The lavender soothes the feet and the rosemary, peppermint and lemon refresh, revive, and stimulate circulation. Mix a big  use as a foot rub.


Ingredients: 3 drops Petitgrain 1 drop Black Pepper 1 drop Ylang-Ylang 1 drop of Vanilla warm running water in bath tub for a seductive evening. Mix all ingredients together. Then add to bath by drops to your bath water while it is filling. May also be used with 1 tsp carrier added and used as a perfumes or use Diffusers to set the atmosphere.

Fizzy Bath Salts: 

Ingredients: 30-40 drops essential oils of your choice 2-3 tablespoons Jojoba Carrier Oil 2 cups Salt 1/2 cup oat starch 1 cup buttermilk powder 1/2 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup citric acid 2/3 cup baking soda Fizzy Bath Salts explode with effervescence and color when you sprinkle them into your bath water! Mix the dry ingredients and mica powder together in a large bowl. Stir well to combine. You can add more baking soda and citric acid to get more fizz. In another container, combine the essential oil and the Jojoba oil and mix well. Slowly add the scented oil blend to the dry ingredients. Add enough of the scented oil to make the dry ingredients slightly moist but still loose and crumbly. Store in an air tight glass jar. To use, sprinkle into bath water and enjoy. Use more for more fizz and refreshing sensation!

I would encourage you to stop by and browse her store front, even  if you aren’t interested in shopping, her news letter is always interesting and a great surprise on a Friday morning.


It’s Not About the Scale

Discovery Health National Body Challenge is on TV and one of the challengers made a comment that I really like… It’s not about the scale. And it really has gotten to the point with me that it isn’t so much about the scale. Don’t get me wrong… the scale SO still matters to me. I have lost another 5 pounds and that tickles me to death. But my pants are fitting looser and I have to push harder to get my heart rate to reach its target (144) That’s really a good thing. Having to push harder is fantastic! That means I’m getting healthier. My resting pulse rate today was 80. That is way better than the 92 that I measured at Walmart. Now I need to bring it down some more. But it is not about the scale, it is about how much better I keep feeling.

Wonderful Feeling on Wednesday

Oh today was fantastic. I was selfish enough to go to the gym today (thank you company for paying for my gym membership… stress be GONE!!!) at lunch time. I bicycled for 30 minutes… it said I went 12 miles. That was so cool. Maintained my heart rate at between 142 and 144 bpm. Sweaty… man I was sweaty… and after I showed and went outside I froze (and it really wasn’t that cold!!!)

I fee so much better!