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Sweating the Small Stuff

Not in a bad way though.

I upped my workout this morning to gateway to 8k (podrunner intervals) week 2.  I have honestly decided that running isn’t all that it is cracked up to be for me.  I know I can do a half marathon at a 4 mile an hour pace “walking” and when I tried running (podrunner restart) I was killing me knees.  So I took up where I left off with the walk one and I’m feeling great.  My legs burn and by the half way point my bra and my hair are completly soaked… and I’m back to feeling fantastic.  46 minutes with my heart rate at (above) target.

I’m half way through my first week on the Slim Quick capsuls.

I hit 179 pounds last night

And I realize now what susan powter meant about her thighs not touching when she walked.  I didn’t understand it before becuase even when I was at 120 pounds, my thights still touched when I walked.  I finally completely understand that comment now.  I know this becuase I can walk now without my thighs rubbing.

This afternoon, I’m wearing my leggings… drinking water… my thin Mr Potato Head t-shirt feeling baggier…

I realized, today, that I’m feeling better, healthier, happier than I have in a long time… even listening to my COWorkers arguing on the conference call isn’t too terribly irritating… which is awesomely good.


Loosing Inches

Well, my thighs are now 23.5 inches and my waist is 31.5 inches.

I may not be seeing big weight gain, but I’m still slowly loosing inches.

Today, at the gym, I used the machine that changes incline but will maintain a constant speed.  I managed to do the entire 30 minutes at 4 miles per hour at a maximum of 15% incline.  354 calories down, heart rate up to 176.  Before I started, I took my heart rate and it was 65.  That is the best I think it has ever been.

I’m almost looking forward to getting my blood work done in July.  I actually want to see what my cholesterol numbers are.  I would love to lower my weight to 145 or so… heck, I would just like to get past the plateau that I’m on… but I have to realize that I can get there.

Been looking at web sites on Tai Chi, too.  I think less stress sounds really nice.  I think I would feel like a big giant dork trying to learn the moves, but hey… I didn’t think I would ever be able to maintain a 4 mile per hour pace and I am upping my time and my speed over the next week or so.

Gilad in Hawaii

Okay, I have not revised my opinion of the guy.  He is still a schmuck.    I wish it wasn’t him on at 5 am on fittv… but at least he is there to work out with when I can’t find my mp3 player.  I didn’t get the workout this morning that I was looking forward to but I worked out.  I’m not sure I buy in to the fact that the people on his DVD commercials look a lot leaner after they use his videos but also have different color hair or hair that is a foot longer or whatever… but on TV he is free and in a pinch he helps keep me in a practice.

I have decided that I really want to go running on the beach where he runs at the end of his program…

I keep talking to people at work who want to know about working out in the gym and how I find the dedication to do this.  Yesterday the new PM lady was in the break room when I was there and she was chatting to me about how she needs to get back into going to the gym… but she just can’t find the ambition.

I guess I really started to look forward to this when I started to feel better (most of the time), breathe better and leaving for work or going back to work at lunch time in a better mood.

Sweaty first thing in the morning is great.  Now if I can just find a way to not get short tempered when I’m getting dumped on… Think anyone has that in an exercise program?  No, I don’t think so either.

Stretch machine

There is a really cool contraption that some really nice woman showed me how to use today at the gym.  Its purpose is to help you stretch.  And the stretch it helps you to gain is awesome… it feels heavenly after a run.

I’m not sure who thought this up… but I can stretch almost everything pretty quickly.

Feeling like NOT running

You know, this morning I got up and thought, man… it has been such a long week, I really don’t feel like running… but I hauled my butt out of bed and tied on my shoes and headed out.

This morning I went more for distance than speed… Did 4 miles in about an hour… made it the whole way to the Baseball Field, used the porta potty in their parking lot and home… got home, water and a shower and cut the grass.

Just finished an omlet (one whole egg, one egg white, cheese and salsa) and more water.

The grass is making me sneeze and cough this time, I think my allergies are kicking up.

Now, for not feeling like getting going, I’m feeling pretty fantastic.


Ending the week of a cleanse

Well, Tomorrow is day 7 of my 7 day cleanse.  Oh joy.  This did… not a lot as far as I can tell.  No additional weight loss (which is really what I was hoping for) and not a whole lot … Continue reading

SlimQuick Cleanse and Jump Start Pack

It was my early birthday present to me… I figured what can it hurt and it might help me get past this plateau that nothing seems to be helping… not adding weights, not adding reps and reps to the weights, not adding in elliptical and yoga… nothing…

Been on the Cleanse pills for starting on the 4th day.  Not sure I’m feeling a whole lot different… at least not a whole lot different than I was feeling before I started them… and I don’t think I’ve actually dropped any weight becuase of the cleanse itself yet… but I’m only at the halfway point.

I really enjoy the morning lemon water that they recommend as part of the cleanse (2T lemon juice in 8oz luke warm water).  It is a great way to wake up in the morning.  I’ve been drinking more of the jasmine green tea at work than the coffee lately and I haven’t had a regular coke or pepsi in probably a week… and I’m really not feeling the worse for wear because of it, either… less caffien hasn’t really necessarily been a bad thing.  And water… been drinking gallons and gallons of water…

I really hope something helps get me past this place where I am. I haven’t changed anything weight wise in weeks.  Still adjusting inches around, but I keep thinking about the people on Biggest Loser and thinking that if they have one week where their weight doesn’t change they are devistated and thrown off the ranch and I’ve been stuck here for what seems like ever.

Walk and a Lime-aid

Easter… Ham (great… ) and Scalloped potatos (more great) but it was worth it.

Ran out of milk with the scalloped potatos.  Walked the mile to CVS to get milk (only 5 days out on the expiration date) and back.  Stopped at Sonic to get a long cold (half priced!) cherry lime-aid.  Got an even bigger drink of water when I got home.

I wasn’t actually anticipating being able to exercise a whole lot today… it was raining when I got up and I needed to hide two easter baskets before the kids got up (I wonder, how many other parents hide easter baskets for teenagers… ) so I knew running was probably out… and my calves hurt from running yesterday a bit so I wanted to let them rest.  The walk was heavenly.

It warmed up nicely today… and it is great to sit and relax and get caught up on life in general.

A Good Hurt

I didn’t run yesterday… I was hoping to ease my muscles aching.  It helped to some degree, but only some.   When I got up this morning, I really wanted to run… so I suited up and ran.

Right now, I’m sitting listening to Harry Potter and drinking Lapsang Suchong tea.  At the end of my run this morning… the only thing I wanted was smokey tea… so after I soaked in a hot bath I made tea and it was perfect.  I should eventually eat something… but right now… tea is all I really want.

I hurt… but it is such a good hurt.  I am down 5 pounds over the last week so the hurt tells me it is helping.

Cross Training

It has been being a cross training kind of a day… three days this week.  Tuesday, I did two circuits of the weight machines in the gym then turned to the stationary bike for 20 min and the elliptical for 20 min.

By the time I got done, I was really proud of myself becuase the last time I tried the eliptical machine I made it about 90 seconds before I thought I was going to die.  This time, 20 min had me breaking a sweat and had my heart rate hitting 142 but nothing horrible.

Yesterday and today, it was the elevated treadmill… 25 min on the treadmill… then weights… 30 reps pushing 70 pounds, 30 reps pulling 55 reps, 20 reps pulling down, 20 pulling up.

My abdominals are sore tonight… so are the muscles in my lower back.  But it is a good hurt.

And, I haven’t had a can of pop since Monday… almost entirely water… a little jasmine green tea… a little coffee… tonight, my treat is sugarless drink mix in water and ice.  Tomorrow morning, I run again…  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run.

Tomorrow is a work from home day… I think I will make some sun tea while I sit out back and work… tea without sugar should be good, too.

Tonight, I measured for the first time in a few weeks

23 inch thighs, 36 inch waist.

Still entirely too high, but getting better (even during THAT time)

I wanted to see if my pants fitting better (actually hanging baggy off of my thighs and not tight on my waist or butt… “actually” fitting like they are supposed to) was a lot in my mind or if I really was feeling better and my clothes fitting better.  Wasn’t all in my mind.