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Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

65 min workout this morning.  I’m starting to have to get createive with my routes becuase I’ve hit almost every street in the housing area now and I’m “only” up to Podrunner Intervals Gateway to 8k week 4.  By the time I get to week 8 or 9 I’m going to have to start hitting the same streets over again… or chance running where I’m less comfortable (where there are fewer houses and fewer street lights and that does not excite me at all.

Now, I’m home and STARVING.  I think an egg sounds devine before my shower.

I’m looking forward to the weekend when I can run in the daylight again.

I was talking to one of the women that I did the Race for the cure with last year and she wasn’t sure if she was going to do the timed race this year or not.  I think, even though I’m not “officially” doing what normal people call runing (merely walking at 4.3 to 4.5 mile an hour if the lunch time treadmill is correct) I think timed is where I want to be.  I need to get ready and be more sure if I’m going to try for the half marathons… I don’t want to spend all that money (even if it isn’t a huge amount for the first race) and then end up being swept.

I realized, when I was casting a shadow in the streetlight, that I have a waist.  I’m not sure if it is becuase my butt is really big and my shoulders are broad or if I really do have a waist (Stacey, Clinton… at What Not To Wear… how do I tell if I have a waist???) .  I probably would notice it more if I wore the ‘bike’ shirts more often to run in.  I am glad that they are finally getting some use again (it has been well over a decade since they have gotten any use at all, and I’m finally back down into fitting them).

OH!!! and on the subject of being back down to something… I’m not 178 pounds… that makes my BMI 29.6 and I am back down to “merely” being overweight, I’m no longer considered obese… at least not for a few days until I eat the wrong thing or get my period and end up going back up over the very fine line that I just managed to get below… knock on wood…


Feeling Positive

A positive feeling is a good thing.  Today, after an ENTIRE weekend off from work, I’m feeling very good.

This past week (2 weeks really) were bad because I was on pager patrol and putting in boocoo hours.  Even though, I tried on some Capri pants at the second hand store and realized that, when I’m in a bad mood I totally believe that I look like a hippo.  Mirrors are not your friend… especially when you are tired.  I got totally disgusted and left.  Maybe next year I will be willing to buy a couple pairs of second hand Capri pants… this year I will stick to jeans and khakis.


I have run several times in the last week… and I did weights on Thursday.  Yesterday we walked to HEB for koolaid and jelly and chewy bars.  Today we walked to next to walmart for  small one’s orthodontist appointment.  Yesterday afternoon I swam.  This afternoon the kids and I walked down again to swim.  Swimming always makes me feel good and it always tires me out a lot.

Squirrel got a sun tan.  MPOG got a burn on his neck (he swims in his t-shirt).  I got a bit red where my tank top didn’t cover and where my swimsuit didn’t cover.

Swimming made me feel even better.  The LAST last swimming suit I bought (not the newest one… it has big blue flowers and a skirt… but the one before that) fits again and doesn’t make me look massive.  Maybe I don’t look like I used Jenny to loose lots of weight so I want to parade around in a little suit, but I feel like I don’t match shamu when I swim and my splash wouldn’t drench the first 10 rows.

Tomorrow, it is back to realiity.  I want to get up and run (and I feel like I probably will) and maybe workout at lunch time.

Not Paying for the Same Ground Twice

We had an all hands meeting at work.  It was a pep talk… go team.  The primary theme was war movies.  Patton for the most part.   Shoot the donkies and push them off the bridge to get them out of the way…

One of the quotes that struck home with me, though was “I don’t pay for the same ground twice” (Patton quote).  One of my other favorites… Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.

This morning was the first morning in about a week that I really got to work out… it was the first time I had the time to run.  Last week I tried to “do” the Gateway to 8k week 3 workout for the Podrunner Intervals.  I made about half the podcast and gave up.  It really did me in.  I thought I wasn’t going to be able to use the rest of the podcasts to work out to.  I was really depressed becuase I enjoy my workouts to this music even though it really isn’t music that I would pick out for myself.

This morning, I figured I would try one more time.  I was going to fall back to week 2 and work my way up to week 3 to see if I could ever do it, but I rememered the quote… I don’t pay for the same ground twice.  So, I turned on week 3 and set off.

I decided that I would push if I could (it was a beautiful morning for a run) and I was going to treat myself to my favorite trail (the road less traveled through the trees… gravel… hillier… creek… rabbits… trees).  By the time I made it to the creek, I realized that I was going to actually pull it off.  I was going to be able to finish at the quicker BPM pace… 1 min per interval longer.

Sweat… OH MY GOD I was sweating.  My sleeveless shirt was soaked, my bra was soaked… I drank my 10 oz water bottle… half of it half way through, half of it at the end when I was stretching.  I stretched out and felt fantastic.

Tonight… I have spent another whole satruday working on projects at work.  My eyes hurt, my head hurts but I feel way better about everything in general, and I feel better about myself.

Tonight… These little Hour… These twists and turns of fate…

Suddenly Realizing that I did 4.5 miles in an hour

When I started out on this adventure, I was making laps around the culdesac street in front of the house.  I was incredibly proud of myself being able to make it 7  laps without getting bored and still being able to breathe to one degree or another at the end. I was also looking for excuses to not go out front because I looked like a dork going round in circles and because I didn’t think I would EVER be able to do this with any regularity and I had my doubts about my ability to make any progress.

I don’t know when it happened, but I realized this morning that I look forward to my jaunts (most days) and they are getting easier.  I looked at my pedometer this morning and it said that my hour today was spent going 4.45 miles.  If I can maintain that, I can finish a half marathon at the appropriate pace to not be swept.  I just need to work on more time and distance at that pace now.

I am feeling tired this morning (two mornings in a row like this have my legs feeling tired) but good.  Now, I have um-teen hours to work today but I feel great and it should be a good day.

Now for a cup a coffee and a big drink of water.

Runner’s World Quote for Today (May 7, 2009)

Today’s quote (which was waiting for me when I got home from my run) was…

Many People shy away from hills. THey make it easy on themselves, but that limits their improvement. The more you repeat something, the stronger you get.

Joe Catalano

As my body cools down (it was a balmy 76 degrees and humid while I was out this morning) I think back over the hills I tackled this morning (small hills if you are from a place that really HAS hills… but hills) and smile.  You do get stronger… and it does get easier.

And I think about my hills at work… the hills that I’m facing a lot with my project coming due in just a couple weeks… and I realize that is the case their too.  I watch the people who shy away from the hills… the ones who work at avoiding hills at all costs or trying to push hills into other people’s path… and I realize that, more and more, running is really starting to be my metaphor for life…

On Being a Good Example

Today, I feel pretty good (even though I don’t figure many people, at this point will ever know or care that I do… sigh).

This morning, my mom called me from her walk… she sets her goals every day that she and my sister walk.  They walk to the next bench and sit and talk… then head for the next bench.  I’m so glad they are walking and that they have each other to walk with.  Sometimes, she said, they make it further than the next bench.  Ultimate goal is a complete circuit from car to car around the park and back again.

Tonight, I found out that the advice I gave someone else is helping her, too.

It is good to be able to be a help.

Today, I did 30 solid min on the incline treadmill 18% incline max, 4.2 miles per hour (I am determined to be able to hold a 15 min mile for at least 8 miles by October when I do the half marathon).  Then I stretched and my stress headache went (mostly) away!  Woohoo!!!.

Last night I had a tension headache that wouldn’t quit… the price of being a type a with a project that has to come in on time…

Mornings are getting horribly warm and humid, but I need to keep up with my workouts in the morning becuase it makes the days much better… less stressful.


Okay, I lied… I actually did go for a run

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Okay, I was going to woose out today, but I didn’t.  Partly becuase DS was driving me crazy (he’s in a chatty mood and I was trying despirately to study… and I find trying to sudy while beign asked a … Continue reading

The Day After My Long Run

Since my ankles hurt when it was time to get up this morning, I opted to not run this morning.

It was probably the one day this week that I ought to have run… it was actually cool this morning and would have been a comfortable day to run.

I was going to work on studying for my exam… but everyone in the whole house is in the mood to talk non stop so that isn’t likely to happen… but somehow I will have to pass the test for work and will frustrate everyone if for some reason I don’t.

Vern’s No Frills 5k

I’m going to start driving 13 miles every third Saturday of the month starting on the 16th.  The Vern’s No Frills 5k runs every month… cost, $1 for adults, free for K-12.  I’m going to try to get DD to run with me so she can get more comfortable competing and completing 3 miles
I opted for not running this morning because it is grass cutting day and we are going to walk to Wal-Mart and that is enough for today… going to try to con my way into adding a little extra to the Wal-Mart walk to try to avoid the highway and cut through the park.  That will up that particular walk to 8 miles… that is pretty much the target I’m after this weekend…
Post Walk
I talked bear into walking to Wal-Mart and walking the long way home.  It was a long walk (it ended up being just under 8 miles) but it felt great.  Sweaty… needed to have a LONG drink of water (despite water at Wal-Mart and in the park twice) and a bath.  I’ve managed the water… not the bath yet…
Now, I’m sitting, my feet ache just a little and I’m thinking that the bath is sounding better and better all the time.  I fixed the front door first, though… put on a new door knob assembly… now… that nice cool bath.


I was right… bath was heaven… warmer than it probably ought to have been, but it was wonderful.


Vern’s No Frills 5k – Race #2
Berry Springs Park & Preserve, Georgetown, TX, USA
Saturday, May 16, 2009
8:00 am
Vern's No Frills 5k - Race #2
Vern’s No Frills 5K is just what it sounds like… a 5k with no frills and a price to match!  Free to students K-12 and $1 for adults.
What will you get?  The same certified course every month that is timed.  Water stop on the course and water after the race.  Results posted.  The course is two loops and then a downhill finish.
The race will be every 3rd Saturday of the month at 8am.
At the end of the year, minus any costs, the money will be given to the Williamson County Parks & Recreation.
Name Change
The race has been renamed in tribute to Vern Cantwell, a dear friend who had a fatal heart attack while cycling with friends.  He was the race’s starter and was a runner’s best cheerleader.
Registration – Race Day Only
Race day registration will begin at 7am and arrive early so the race can start on time.
Free to students K-12
$1 for adults (cash or coins only)
Waivers must be signed when signing up for adults & children.
None – it is only a $1 or free to students K-12
None – it is only a $1 or free to students K-12
Packet Pick-up
None – Race Day only registration
North I-35, exit 265.  Stay on access road.  Right at stop sign and stay on tollway 130 access road 0.8 miles.  Turn left at stop sign and travel 0.8 miles and turn left into Berry Springs Park.

Georgetown Running Club, Williamson County Parks & Recreation, and RunTex