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Full bars

150 to 160 calories of fruit and puffed wheat or puffed rice plus 8 ounces of water thirty minutes before a meal so you eat less at the meal… how is that different than a bowl of cereal, other than … Continue reading

What I’m Grateful For… Day 1… my Backflip

Okay… I read the 1000 Awesome Things blog (well… started reading it) and decided that it is something I need to do.  Not because I figure I will be a smashing success or anything… I honestly don’t figure I will ever be a smashing success at… much I haven’t already succeeded at but I figure I totally need to get my head on straight and get my life more positive.

So Here I go…

Today, I am most totally grateful for my entirely too expensive backflip phone.

It has freed me to be able to take notes on the go… I invested in the Documents to Go app so I can edit word documents and excel spreadsheets wherever I am.  That means I can keep track of Amandya’s seizures, my RA days and everyones meds.  I can keep track of when Adam needs to have things in for college and when library books are due (darn… that’s tomorrow… crap…) .

I can blog on the “run” so to speak… And I have, even though most of those are short and more to the point than my rambling ones that happen when I sit at the computer… like this…

I can take pictures that I might have missed if it weren’t for having my phone (although the backflip kind of sucks at pictures because it takes FOREVER to get the camera to load)  and I can take video on the fly in case I really need to and I don’t have my ipod.

I am grateful for the comfort that it brings just knowing it is there and I can lug a phone rather than a computer and still sometimes get done what I would like to get done…


Deep Belly Breathing

I’ve been practicing (a lot lately) the ‘art’ of deep belly breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing… ).  This is when you breathe in through the nose in a long slow inhale, hold the breath for about a count of 7 (or … Continue reading


On a Tear now~~~more rant warnings

At the risk of sounding incredibly bitchy… I’m still on a tear… about a lot of things.  I have a hunch that this means that I am back with a vengeance (RA apparently not so bad…mtx working… achies beaten down … Continue reading


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (warning… it’s a rant)

I was listening to NPR this morning and got really… frustrated. I keep thinking… WTF!!! Why?  Oh, do tell… They keep saying that they will get rid of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when they are sure that it won’t … Continue reading

Weekend Quiet

Finally a little bit of sit down and relax time.  I should be laying down and getting some sleep, but it is finally quiet time for the weekend and I need to just veg… just for a little bit.

Cleaning for the company coming this week.  I totally wonder what the week will bring.  Tomorrow I have meetings.  Tuesday I have a team lunch.  Thursday is company and yoga… the first day of the second twelve weeks… woohoo.

My finger cut is feeling crappy.

Amandya’s newly pierced lip is healing (it is looking reasonably well).  No seizure for three weeks now… looking at the next week or so with baited breath.  This week is finals.

Adam is all registered to go to college… and will be registering for classes in three weeks.  It is so hard to believe that graduation is in less than a week.  My babies are getting all grown up.

Hoarders is on TV.  It is really hard to watch.

My hands are sore tonight… partly I think from the cut on my finger… partly because I’m just in general ouchy.

I have discovered, this weekend, that I can totally lean down on the technology that I use.  I can use my ipod and my phone to journal… to write here… to keep up with people on email… it is totally wicked cool that I have discovered apps that I can even use to track health issues and keep my ICE (In Case of Emergency) for ALL of us in one place.

What technology do you use?

I actually invested in Documents to Go for BOTH the ipod and the Backflip so I can edit documents on the go… I can journal in my little-ness and I can then upload those to evernote so I can access them anywhere.  AND I actually passed the point where I am using some of the premium accessories to the evernote app… I have passed 75 meg of uploads for the month… so I am actually earning the $5 that I spent on this month… woohoo!!!

It’s Morning Again

Isn’t it cool how that keeps happening… every day a new one… some a lot like the previous ones… some not so much.

I’m sitting here, looking over Adam’s poems, making sure his blog is up to snuff (mostly), figuring out what to do about graduation and College… reading about wonderful places other people have been traveling… and thinking.  There is a new Yoga program on FIT TV in a few min (Kundatini Yoga)  followed by something else, then followed by Namaste Yoga…  sounds like a promising morning.

I think I’m going to end up calling the Dr today (PC not Rheumy) about my blood pressure.  It isn’t as high as it was, but it is all over the place and I can’t seem to keep it consistently normal for more than a reading or two… and since MTX tends to drive it low… I want to be on the safe side.  I may not be put on any pills, but at least it goes on the record.

Days When Caring Doesn’t Seem So Easy

There are just days when trying to make things matter just doesn’t work.

I hate the long lonely drive into work every day.  You can only listen to so much NPR without going crazy over the world economy and the BP oil spill (GO GREEN… save the environment… oh wait… pollute the whole world in a month).  I can’t even work up the ambition to get angry at the stupid drivers who don’t use those nifty devices that they have on their cars when they want to shove their way into your lane… you know them… the levers on the left of the steering wheel… the TURN SIGNALS…

I have been hurting the last few days a lot and it has been exhausting to just keep going.  I go lay down early in the evening and I know it irritates everyone.  I’ve been on MTX long enough, it is pushing back the swelling.  I shouldn’t be having days like the last couple where I don’t even feel like breathing…

Some days… it just doesn’t feel like there is much of a point.


Up Early and Thinking

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It’s early this morning, I have a dog snuggled up next to me, all sprawled out on her back asleep.  Iced coffee is sweating on the night stand and I’m sitting on the bed thinking. Graduation is in one week.  … Continue reading

Coffee, Quiet, and doing the Needful…

It is a quiet morning.  Yeah, Yeah, it’s 6:30 and I’ve been at this an hour… but it is a quiet morning anyway.

I got up and made coffee (now I am going to be drinking either iced, or at least cooled coffee while my tongue and roof of my mouth heal from yesterday’s holy crap fiasco at work… Where is my “stupid” sign) and pulled up my laptop onto the comfy couch and started moving (copying) Adam’s poetry off of Facebook (where noone will see them because he really doesn’t have many people he has friend-ed and some of the ones he has have gone by the way side… to where they can be seen by the world.

Anyone interested in a brand new take on the world, some interesting poems, and some deep thoughts on himself and the world… his new blog is Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian’s Poetry Blog.  I was worried that he would be upset with me for putting it out there where people can see it, but I know that he wants people to read and think (and even comment…) on his poetry.  He’s had some run ins with people who are 1. poetry snobs… ones who only like THEIR poetry or ones who don’t like anything that doesn’t rhyme… and these are the people in poetry club… 2. people who don’t understand him or who look at him and think he can’t be a poet, he doesn’t look like one.  Now he is a little gun shy on putting himself on the line.

He wasn’t upset though… he was actually excited and wanted to know how long before people start reading his stuff (14 did yesterday and I was only one of them when I was making sure that the blog actually worked).

Sometimes I feel like a total wash up as a parent… sometimes not so much.  This morning (I’m so glad that my hands aren’t hurting the way they did yesterday and the only ouchies are from yoga and stretching) I’m doing something that makes me feel like an adequate parent.

Happy Friday.