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My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

Easy Peasy…

If I were guaranteed an honest answer, I would ask… what can I do to help my kids deal with reality.

I guess I have done them both a dis-service by raising them to believe that it doesn't matter if you are male of female you can do anything you want to do… dream big and live your dreams. There are no boy toys there are no girl toys there are just toys… Probably not a good idea since the world is what it is… and even today a boy isn't supposed to want to be certain things and a girl isn't supposed to like doing certain other things…

I have raised them to not look at the outside of people but the inside. so they do… but the world doesn't use the same looking glass that they use and the world can find many things to look down on you for. It may be for looking different… it may be for a condition that you have no control over… it may be because you have brown eyes or blue eyes or some other immaterial reason… fact is the world tends to like to find fault with things.

my question would be… how do I help them deal with the fact that their mother is left of center in her ideas of what can and should be rather than realistic and close minded in how it has always been therefore should be…

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The little things… cutting the grass in bare feet


Okay… let me start out saying that… every time I look at my feet, I hear my yoga instructor saying… toes spread brightly… and that is just what sticks in my head.  Toes are not USUALLY at this angle… honest…


When I was a kid, we had a huge back yard… I cut the back yard.  I never cut no-mans-land (this skinny stretch of yard that had rose bushes and sweet-pea vines growing out into it… and rocks strategically placed for looks but not for mowing…so, I cut the big back yard.  There were things to cut around (lots of flower beds… a big stone wishing well… dogwood trees, crabapple trees, lilac bushes… it is a wonderful yard) but it was where I learned to love to cut the grass.  I still love to cut the grass… although usually it gets cut during the week when I’m at work.

Today, it was grass cutting time…

I usually have to wear socks and shoes to cut the grass because it is usually deep enough grass to hide the ant hills.  And the first trip through the yard this morning, I did just that.  But it was deep grass today, and wet, and the mower wheels where set deep… so I cut it twice.  The second time, the grass was short enough so I cut it in bare feet… It was wonderful…. I love being able to go bare feet.  It is usually too hot here to spend a lot of time bare feet outside… you get blisters from the sidewalk and the driveway let alone the road… but the grass was cool and smooshy and tickled and felt marvleous…

It was worth sweating my hair drippy… it was a great morning


The Little Things… Waking Up To The Cupboards Reorganized…

First… a little background… We have been keeping the glasses (the plastic brightly colored ones that hold a lot, are easy to hold onto and that everyone seems to enjoy) on the top shelf of the cupboard… they have always … Continue reading

The Little Things… A Really Good Day…

Today was a really good day… despite my work laptop having a total meltdown (BUT it didn’t happen until later this afternoon… after my day was pretty much over…)… despite having to make the trip to the neurologist (and despite squirrel’s meds being upped again, this time before she seizes)… despite my glasses having to go into the glasses repair store again… Despite everything it was a really good day.

No one had any seizures.

No one had any allergy attacks.

No one got angry.

Skinny Butt is sleeping off the total achiness.

Dog is laying on the floor munching on dry food just being a dog

I am enjoying the last of my pre-pager week quietness… and getting ready to curl up with a good nook and read for a half hour or so…

All in all… it really has been a good day.

Yesterday wasn’t so much (my hip hurt… that was new) but aleve took it all away… more days should be like today…

The Little Things… July 9, 2010… The things That I have

This morning, a friend from Canada posted this youtube video and it was one of those… shut up and listen… moments. 

What do I have, not what I don’t have…..

I have a reasonably healthy family, all things considered.

I have a job that I really enjoy (that allows me the leisure of being able to work from home when I need to)

I have access to health care and the means to provide that to my family

I have friends (analog and digital) who are great, who listen, and who I can listen to.

I have MY health within reason

the little things… getting a tree to park under


Even if you are the only car on the street and even if it is going to rain… and even if you are the current version of public transportation… getting a tree is a treat for everyone…

The Little Things… July 7, 2010… Sunrise Earth

Virtually traveling all over the globe at 6 am is awesome.  The dog and I love watching Sunrise Earth… This morning it was Turkey.  Turkey is amazingly beautiful.

Yes, I am realistic enough to know that they don’t pick dumpy places wherever they are to film.  They don’t film the tin cans (oh wait… aluminum cans) or paper cups and empty sun screen bottles/tubes when they film sunrise on beaches.  They cut out the cow pooping when they are in Maine.  But they do a wonderfully peaceful (commercial free) job of showing off sunrises all over the world.

It is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning

Allergy alert commercial

Okay… time for yet another commercial that makes me just scratch my head.

there is one with wonderful children (young kids) who know what their allergy triggers are.  You are supposed to go to a website to see if your kids are at risk for anaphalaxis.  It is supposed to help you figure it out…

you click boxes next to things that you know have caused you or your child issues in the past (there are several common allergens) and several of the common allergic reactions.  you click the boxes and it tells you what you already pretty much know if you have gotten that far… you have triggers and you are at some risk.

This is going to tell you that your child, who has had some reaction, that your child may have another reaction and it may get worse.

I have to tell you… if your child has any reaction, it can get worse… way worse… My squirrel’s first trip to the hospital was for her shell fish allergy.  She could have died.  Despite claims to the contrary to this day by someone who shall not be named who thinks it is fantastic to tell everyone that we now have a slew of shell fish in the freezer and who claims all she really needed was a little benedryl… NOT…

But the website in question won’t give you anything much more than you already have.  See an alergist so you know if you need epipens or if you have to worry about more than you realize you have to worry about (like dust mites in our case)…

Tinkering with Windows Live Writer

Well… my replacement laptop came with Windows Live Writer… so… here I sit… messing with the laptop thinking about what I can do to make it all mine… what I can do to make it most useful… what toys I can play with.

Windows Live Writer might be one of the cool things that you don’t need a new toy to play with, you can download it for free… and… it seems to be pretty much a really cool toy… interesting…

I wonder what all I can do with it…

Third Day of the 4 day weekend…

Wow… I so totallyhate metylprednisolone… eeesh.

I took the first day’s pills… all SIX of them.  And they made me goofier than I normally am… they made me jittery and high… don’t like them… So I opted to not take day 2…. I can’t do this.  Do people really rely on these to feel better?  I hope I never have to… You have my respect, my awe, and my sincere condolences.

Yesterday’s walk was shorter than usual (only about 9 miles) but it was wonderful.  I signed up this week to do the half marathon again.  I think I will do better this year.  I don’t know if I will beat my time, but I’m determined that I won’t want to absolutely die by the time I hit the capital building.  I think our weekly long walks will help… I think we need to add some distance to even what we are walking.  I am going to dig up google maps to see what we can do and not kill ourselves. I can do this… I have to keep trying because I have to prove to myself that I can do this.  I would love to try to raise money for charity… but I don’t want the chosen 26.

Yesterday was Squirrel’s birthday (early) party.  She was so happy… she has wanted a party so much.  This year she set her sights realistically and we gave her her party… a TEN hour party… but the smile (and the pictures) are SO worth it.  I was worried about spending a fortune… but it wasn’t so bad… Pizza… candy… ice cream cake (the ice cream cake was killer) and now she is sleeping off the party.  Between her smiles and laughter and his laughter on his Japanese game… yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect.

Last night Bear’s oldest called.  She hadn’t called much since she moved back home and she called with less than great news.  her mom is in ICU with way way low blood count and doctors not knowing what is going on.  I’m worried.  I know that I’m not anyone’s favorite person in the world… but I’m really worried.   I wish I could send her a card.  She used to really like cards…   I wish I could text her or someone let her know that I’m thinking about her.

Today?  This morning it is a headachey morning, but this feels like sinus so I’m not too worried.  I have to check on squirrel… I’m really starting to worry about the swelling she has going on on her face.  Pick up laptop from the laptop doctor (actually… replacement one… they junked out the other one and are replacing it with something they pick… that kind of ticks me off but I get it back.)