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A Weekend of Discovery

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It’s another weekend… I’m sitting, taking a break from reading Eat, Love, Pray on my Nook.  I took up my yarn and hook to make a few more of these… I’m thinking maybe I will start selling them.  Not sure … Continue reading


“Fancy” New Shoes

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Not my hobbit shoes, unfortunately, but wicked cool!!! I went hunting a crochet pattern for barefoot sandals.  I had found, years ago in… Utah maybe… maybe New Mexico… leather barefoot sandals (just a piece of leather that wraps around the … Continue reading


Barefoot walking/running… baby steps

Okay.  My darling daughter has noticed that, as is my habit in all things in which I take an interest… I have gone totally nutsy over this.  Yes, dear… I have. I have not found any articles that suggest I … Continue reading


Vibram FiveFingers… Barefoot “Running”

Wow.  I have seen these shoes in a few places and I thought… hmmm… interesting… So interesting, in fact, that I’ve started looking at “barefoot running”.  Okay, okay… i know my friendly neighborhood rheumatologist said that what I’m actually doing … Continue reading

Woah, this is new… bursitis like pain

I was having bursitis and tendinitis in my “booboo” arm (the one I broke 15 years ago roller blading… the one that my RA seems to LOVE a lot) so I know what it feels like… and that is what this feels like.   Trouble is, it is in the “wrong” shoulder and it seems to hit in the middle of the night.  I have not yet correlated it to the MTX nights directly (although coincidentally last night was “that night” and it struck me at about 1 am this morning) but I am starting to notice that it is definitely happening.

Today is clean the bedroom day (actually, it is day 2 of the 4 day clean the bedroom marathon) so this is going to cause me to be less productive than I should be.  It seems to be responding to the naproxin sodium pretty well, so it may not be a big pain in the wherever.  It is just something that is making me go… hmmmm

Anyone else notice that, when other things seem to be moderating somewhat… something like tendinitis or bursitis seems to raise its interesting head?

About seems to lead me to believe this might be a thing that I will now learn to live with.

Wow… I won something…

Wow… I got an email today and it was really an awesome surprise!

Dear April,

Congratulations! Anne here, and your blog, A Figment Of Fitness, was
determined to be one of the top resources in the medical field.  And so, it
has received our 2010 Top 50 Arthritis Blogs award presented by Medical
Assistant Schools!

You can see your name amongst our winners here at:

Winners were chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations,
which came from your reader base!

I’m helping.  Wow.  And people who read this nominated me.  Wow.  Thank you.  I can’t begin to tell everyone (Medical Assistant Schools… but the people who read it and think it matters way more even) how much it means…

What's More Important

A store with live fish for sale, vicinity of Natchitoches, La. (LOC)

What is more important? Neither.

If I could choose… I would live in a cabin… in the forest… with a porch overlooking the mountains and porch overlooking the beach on an ocean or really really big lake (like Superior, or Huron or Erie) but all in all… it really doesn't matter where you live or what you do… it matters how you live.

I could get all philosophical… and say that you should live this way or you should live that way… but why? You know how you should live. You aren't an idiot.

What matters most to me?

Making sure that I'm "there" for my family, i know that we would starve and live in a box under a bridge if I didn't have a job, so I can't be physically there all the time, but I'm there when it really matters and I'm there when I can be even when I don't figure it matters.

It matters that I've started to really center myself and take care of myself.

It matters that my kids know that there are no girl toys there are no boy toys there are just toys and no matter what it is they want to play with (within legal reason… ) they can and it is okay to do that.

I don't care how they dress (okay, okay… in public I care THAT they dress… but again, within reason I don't care what they wear) or how they choose to adorn themselves. They are good kids and that is what matters.

The world may say I'm wrong.

Many people probably do.

I know that lots and lots of people believe that it INCREDIBLY matters what you do for a living… but I can't care that much about making other people happy anymore.

I know that it matters where I live, but because it would be wonderful to be near to more people who matter… but in that case, again… it is less where, and more how…

I guess I didn't quite grasp the spirit of the question…

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On Putting Off Diagnosis/Treatment

Sitting in the quiet, early morning dark… hot coffee keeping me company.  This morning’s Sunrise Earth is balloons over the New England states.  I’m homesick early this year…I really want to sit and have a cup of coffee with my … Continue reading



Okay, let’s face it… I’m “old”… not that 45 is really old old… but maybe old fashioned is a better phrase.  I still would much rather use command line to do my work at work rather than the shiny pointy … Continue reading

The Beginning of My Memoir

Weird faces/ people – DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEET – Free for personal use

It is all about the journey… whether the journey is a literal trip, or simply the trip from one day to the next, one moment to the next, one heartbeat to the next. This is my journey… my journey from skinny scab kneed tom boy who spent all of her free time either reading about the wonders of other people's lives (hello Ramona the Brave… Hello Stormy Misty's Foal… hello Edgar Allen Poe) or writing all of the unusual things that flutter around in my brain.

I've always been a little left of center… a little more marching to my own drummer than to other people's expectations… I colored outside the lines… I broke my crayons… I LIVED outside of the box… and to this day, I continue to do my own thin, in my own way… deal with it.

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