Just Another Manic Monday

Not really so bad… actually kind of quiet.  It is drizzly and cold… my fingers and toes are freezing and I hate it.  I know that it is something that just goes with me being me but I hate that I can never keep them warm.

Coffee is wonderful.  Got up and made a pot so the squirrel would have her coffee for breakfast.  Got her up and she took her blood sugar count (171…I hate not knowing… I hate worrying… I hate not being able to give her answers).

Now… just nursing a headache and watching daytime tv.  I love pager comp time.

I’m trying to get my behind in gear, too, to get going on the half marathon.  I want to be able to put something together to video tape the ‘race’ so I can share the experience with everyone… I could try to do it with ustream but I think I probably ought to keep my phone charged in case I need it to be a phone… it would be great to be able to share real time… but I think maybe sharing it later would be way better…

We were going to go for a walk to give the insurance card to the pharmacy today… but given the rainy yuk and the not quite 40 (the damp makes that feel yukkier than it should be)…maybe not waking quite that far would be a better choice….

Does anyone know anything about Raynaud’s Syndrome?  From what I can figure out (and what I remember Dr Booth telling me) that is probably what the deal is with my fingers and toes.  Not that it is a really rare condition (one of the websites I found said it is about 1 in 20 people have it and most are women… but most have it as primary condition, not as a result of things like RA and Sjögren’s Syndrome).  I guess that the best thing I can do about it is keep taking the hot bath that I’ve been doing to warm up my fingers and toes (and hang out in my fingerless glovies)… and buy warm socks ( hows that for irony Warm Socks!!!).

I’m thinking that I may have to invest in a domain name… and make myself a real website… any thoughts…


3 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. I’ve had Raynauds since I was 10 years old. There’s more to it than just cold fingers/toes. The blood actually stops circulating. Have you ever seen a cadavar? When bloodflow resumes, it’s quite painful. Over time I discovered that I could feel the early stages; I stop what I’m doing and soak in hot water which reverses the process. Did you check the Raynaud’s Association’s website? http://www.raynauds.org/index.php


  2. Like Socks I’ve had Raynauds for a while and your symptoms sound like that. Many people are able to manage the situation using gentle warmth from hot water, holding something warm, etc. You should avoid things that can constrict your blood vessels (like coffee). If it’s really bad, there are some medications that can help such as certain vasodialators and blood pressure medications, but it’s a choice you have to make if you want to take a whole-body approach to solving a problem localized in your hands and feet. You should probably ask your doctor’s advice.
    Good luck with all the challenges you seem to be facing these days.


  3. I would take the mess that I have right now hands down forever if I could just make my Squirrel’s stuff go away… all of her stuff. Stressing over her stuff is beating me up pretty good.
    On the plus side… found out today that the wonderful Enbrel people are actually going to do what they say they are going to do… I should have had to pay the whole price of the shots for January… and it is going to cost me exactly -0- out of pocket… I can take a deep breath and NOT feel guilty about feeling better.


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