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Sticky Notes… Day 2… demoralizing


I apparently irritated someone yesterday with my annoying little positive affirmation notes.

I was told (by my HR friend) that I needed to make sure that, if I put them up, they were on the bulletin boards in the break rooms.  Company policy.  So I did.

These ones were on the bulletin board wall in the small break room on my floor at work.  I stopped in to get tea water and there they were… all piled together, in the garbage.

I want to spread this to the people I work with, too, but if this is the response I get, maybe it really isn’t worth the bother.  Maybe it is just better to post these where other people will see them and not worry about anyone I work with and hope that other people get something out of it.

No, I will keep putting them up at work.  I’m nothing if not stupidly tenacious.  I will try not to get bent about who I figure took them down.  Onward and Upwards!!!

Maybe one of the others I put up will have brought a smile to someone.


Random Acts of Operation Beautiful

Okay… so… I’m a little odd.  I’ll admit it.  If you have read many of my entries, you will have gathered that already.  Over the last couple days I have been haunting a website (Operation Beautiful).  Along the same lines, I have been talking to an awesome person in Cape Town South Africa (Human Kind is the facebook name) who is trying to decide if being a little different is worth taking the chance… if putting yourself out there to be kind to people, even if you don’t know the people, is really worth the risk… the risk of being ridiculed… the risk of never knowing what the change is that you are bringing to the world.. if it is worth it.

So today I embarked on a new adventure.

I started writing motivational stuff on sticky notes and posting them in random places.



For the first three, I actually did what the basic original idea suggested… I placed them in the women’s bathrooms to bring a boost to women’s self esteem. These three pictures are my first three tentative attempts.

Later, I put a few more in the women’s bathroom, on the backs of the stall doors.
All of them disappeared.
I don’t really know if anyone took them or if the cleaning lady took them down.
I did go later to talk to my friend the HR lady to make sure I wasn’t going to get into trouble for putting them around the office floor. She said that she saw the ones in the bathroom, decided to go to the website, and didn’t think it was a bad thing. No one had complained and no one could take them as offensive so I should be okay.
So I made a few more and dropped them off on the way out. I put one by the elevator button in the office. I put one in the elevator of the parking garage and one on the computerized parking meter thing where it would be unobtrusive.
My adventure is going… now… to see where this adventure takes me.
Tomorrow I buy the Operation Beautiful book (electronic version) online.

The saga continues.


Hit By A Snowball

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I don’t think it was a Kaitlin’s Cauze snowball, but I guess it could have been.  Regardless, this morning I was hit by a snowball, and it was great. I woke up this morning totally not feeling the fact that … Continue reading

In The Midst of the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us (ALL the holidays… Hannachua, Christmas, KWanza, New Years, Winter Solstice… lots of them) and RA doesn’t discriminate based on what hoiday you celebrate.  Probably not an incredibly popular centiment, but you know what… I’m so totally passed being worried about people getting bent with me.
I sit and think about all of the Christmas’s past and all of the Type A memories I tried to make for my kids.  For years I made batches of cookies that no one ate but that I made becuase that is what I grew up with… making cookies.  I hustled and bustled and busted my behind.  And I made memories.  But the memories I made didn’t actually corespond with what I thought I was making.  The memories… Sitting in the chairs of the laser light show and watching the “jello” dance across the ceiling.  Putting up the Christmas tree and letting the kids decorate the bottom.  Dominick the Donkey and I Want a Hippopotomos for Christmas and Santa Baby bringing smiles because of their connotation.  And going to see the Christmas Lights regardless of where we are.  You don’t necessarily have to “do” to create the memories, you have to be.
Now that I’m celbrating with the addition of RA, I rethink what I do and what I plan to do so I don’t turn Ho Ho Ho into HoHumBug.
I know i can’t “do” traditional eggnog or a hot toddy or even spiced wine.  Meds and alcohol don’t really go together well.  It’s not that I have done any of this anyway, I know I’m a cheap drunk and it isn’t good for me to drink on a good day.  But I also know that a lot of people who are on similar meds do or have.  There are ways to celebrate in less alcohol rich ways.  Apple cider is wonderful, spiced grape juice is an awful lot like spiced wine and is <ghasp> healthy.  Look for the little things.  Look for ways that you can find your own bright spots.  Music sometimes help, too.  All things considered, finding the bright spots are going to be the best treat you can give yourself.
I know that it is especially hard, particularly when many of our families themselves don’t “get it”, but try to set expectations realistically.  You know how much you “need” to get done, be it wrapping, or baking or decorating or cards or whatever.  Be realistic with yourself and with everyone else. And don’t discount hiring out some of the things you feel you have to do.  Buy your cookies from a bakery or from some orgaization having fund raiser bake sale.  Have your gifts wrapped the same way (lots of stores hae charities who come in and do wrapping for a donation).  This has the side benefit of having a bunch of different wrapping paper that no one has seen before (hint hint, wink wink).  There is a big trade off between time(stress… effort) and money.  Even today when money is more tight than ever, sometimes spending a few dollars that you might be able to write off as donation to charity to keep from overtaxing yourself is the better option.  Save your engergy and effort for things that you really enjoy or that bring you happiness.
Find the easiest way to do whatever it is that you are goin to do.  I know this sounds obvious, but it is sanity.  ANd not just during the season, all the time.  A lot of getting by is just learning new ways of doing things.
Ask for help.  When you can’t figure out a way to do something without hurting, ask for help.  This was the biggest deal for me.  I have always been the one to try hard to do things for everyone else.  I’m not sure if that is a girl thing, or a mommy thing, or what.  It is what it is.
Keep in mind, though, that there are also tradeoffs for cutting back, especially if you cut back too far.  When you cut back (or out) on things that really matter to you, or that really matter to those who are important to you, sometimes th cost is your depression or even more stress than actually going through with whatever it is that you cut back on.  Those tradeoffs aren’t worth it.  Sometimes, in those cases, it is better to cut something else out or at least cut back on and find a way to deal with the added stress that the events or the tasks might cause.
So… I guess it all boils down to… do what makes you happy and enjoy the holidays!!!

Being The Change

I’ve apparently made it my defacto purpose in life to spread Mary Sunshine.  I’m not sure how it happened, and it has started to make me the butt of jokes with some people I know, but it is what it is.

It started small.

I started out posting facts about epilepsy.  I started this because I realized how much no information there was, and how much misinformation there was… and is… surrounding epilepsy.   And because my little girl started having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.  It turned out to be the first official flag I started waving.

Then I started out just posting blue mountain cards on facebook… you know… they have the “this day in history” kind of cards and I started out just posting those when I remembered.  I have a blue mountain account and I’m NOT afraid to use it… apparently… so I used it. Little steps… but it apparently made people smile.

Then I started seeing poetry (sometimes in English, some times in French… some times in Portuguese… ) and motivational pictures or funny pictures.  Mostly these talk to me in some way, so I started to save them off to my computer and made them into a screen saver (just tinkering with the photo show screen saver that comes with Windows).  Then I figured that if they talked to me, maybe other people would like them too… people who didn’t find them on their own… so I started to just “share” them from the people who had posted them.

I have a thing about copyrighted material, and if I share them, the people who posted them get to keep “credit”…

and people started to really like them.  They started to “like” my links/reposts.  Sometimes they have commented on the fact that they like them.

I guess in my own little way, I’m being part of the change I would love to see in the world.  I’m bring just a little smile to people all over the world.  I’m bring a little sunshine into some people’s days that might not have that sunshine otherwise.

Mostly, people still like the things I post from games giving things away (which sometimes is rather demoralizing for me… it seems to be a lot about what people can get off of other people rather than how they can help other people) but I’m starting to get the idea that I can do this and that I can make a difference in the world… one person, one smile at a time…

Happy Sunday…