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I’m Sick, but not Contagious..

.I have a couple friends (yeah, I know, that in itself is a miracle as far as I can figure lately… I’ve been having a very “just want to crawl into the closet and cry” kind of time lately and … Continue reading

Finally Enjoying the Quiet

The house is asleep late… or at least very quiet.  Even the dog is loafing later than usual… that might be her leg aching from the damp cold morning and when she wants out, she just comes to look at me, not even a scratch on the door.  I took a nice long hot bath… easing some of the aches, but not all.  My knee and my shoulder this morning (up from “just” my knee yesterday) are complaining… but my tootsies are warm and my fingers are working well, so I finished a couple more chemo hats.

It’s been a long couple weeks.  I’ve spent most of the time trying to protect and heal my little herd.  It hasn’t been easy.  It has caused so many hard feelings for so many people.  I’m trying to figure out how to heal the rest… or how to deal with the fact that I can’t.

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about toxic people this week.  Too many people are already hurting in this world with physical and emotional pain.  Why do people (who are probably themselves hurting in some way) have to add to the pain of others?  I hope that it isn’t really intentional on most people’s part.  It would make me feel much better if the causing of pain from one person to another was purely accidental.  And for the most part I think it is.

I may be a pollyanna… I may actually be worse than a pollyanna… but I would rather believe in the good rather than to live my whole life believing that everyone who isn’t exactly like me, or everyone who I have never had the fortune to see face to face is evil and wrong and bad.  That mentality is what keeps wars going and that causes bullycide and other violence.  Live and let live. Hate is entirely overrated.