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In The Quiet

Up obscenely early this morning.  The windows wide open, trying to catch the smallest breeze.  It’s 70 degrees at 3 in the morning.  There is a small breeze, but not even enough to stir the wind chimes into singing.  I … Continue reading

Inspiration Fountain

In my favorite sanctuary there is a fountain. The sound of the water is the perfect accompaniment to the wind chimes, the traffic noise and the birds singing. I really find the sound of water soothing, so I enjoy sitting by the fountain and watching the water splash on the rocks and listening.
Lately, however, something new has been added.
Some of the rocks have shown up with words written on them. Some are names (seeking infamy) and some are motivational (love…. I’m okay… Peace). Now the fountain that has brought peace has started to bring inspiration as well. It’s kind of funny… The meditation garden (always deserted) find ways to meet people at their need.



My Hands

My Hands
hold my children’s’ hands
when they are sick
when they are fearful
when they need to be comforted

My hands
write about
my condition
my children’s conditions
my ability to bring light and hope

My hands
crochet chemo hats
make brownies and cookies
send messages to friends
fighting their own fights with their own hands/heads/hearts
bring awareness to RA

My hands
are proud hands
not ashamed
of lumps and bumps
or even of the twists and turns that don’t yet exist
and not afraid to be held up to be seen
to be shaken (gently please)
to be held

A little catching up to do… but I’ll get there

Hey everyone – I just wanted to tell you about a new activity I’ll be doing this April. The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health. I will be writing a post a day for all 30 days. I hope you’ll join me in writing every day about health. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’d love to see what you have to say about each of the topics, too. All you have to do to join is sign up here: and you’ll be able to start posting once April rolls around. Looking forward to writing with you!