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A Reason To Hate

I awake this morning to continued coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing. As a half marathoner, the thoughts that went through my mind were many.  Fear, sorrow, anger.

As the reality of what was happening set in, my thoughts were with the victims and their families.

But this morning I realize more and more that hate is what seems to be rampant in the hours after.  The Westboro Baptist Church intends to picket the funerals.  People are quick to blame groups of people and I know that there are hate messages flying around seeking vengeance.  Rhetoric runs thick through the online world. It runs thicker through the minds of people who hate.

Words said in anger breed more anger.  I understand the frustration but hate?  The call to arms to target people who have nothing to do with anything.

I understand that everyone has an opinion, but I’m trusting in the people trained to determine who the responsible parties are to, well determine who the responsible parties are.  It’s their job.  I know that there are… like totally way more smarterer people than those people who know way morere about what is really going on.  But hate words cause more hurt.  More violence.  More angst.

If you want to hate, why not find something worthy of your hate?

Me, I think I’m going to pick fig newtons.  I don’t think we should outlaw them or anything.  They just make me gag.  They seem like a good thing for me to hate.

Turn your hearts to the victims.  Turn your hearts to the families.  There is too much hate in this world to add to it.


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