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Weekends are too Short

It’s bright and early Sunday morning.  I’m up playing with my new toy and realizing that weekends are just entirely too short.  I’ve picked up my coffee cup at least a half dozen times and realized that it is still … Continue reading


Automated Appointment Questionares

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The latest and greatest thing that Cleveland Clinic has implemented is an automated questionnaire that ‘will help your doctor better meet your needs’.  I guess someone probably ought to have told the doctors that the questions were going to help. … Continue reading


Prepping for Colonoscopy Day

So, I was supposed to have my baseline colonoscopy done at 50.  But when I was 50 things got in the way and there was never time.  I had it scheduled a few times that year but something always ‘came … Continue reading


Old Lady Singing Kid’s Songs…

SO, I realize that I listen to some unorthodox music.  This is particularly true if you consider my age and the age of my children.  I’m looking forward to the new Raffi CD coming out this month.  I love Disney … Continue reading



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So… Let me start by saying that, if you’re going to send out an email to the entire company informing them that… at 4:00 there is going to be a protest at the corner of anywhere and anywhere… it MIGHT … Continue reading