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You Take Your Life In Your Own Hands

I worry. I know I shouldn’t. I know, once upon a time, I wouldn’t have. But the more bear walks with his Rolator (and he walks with it nearly every day, six miles a day) the more I worry. He … Continue reading


That time of month again

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It’s a full house at the infusion center. Along with the regulars, there is a chemo rookie today. She is pale and scared and won’t talk to anyone.. not even her gregarious infusion nurse. Being sick sucks? But… I wish … Continue reading


Dear IF, August 13, 2017

Dear IF It’s been a bit of time since I’ve written. Things get crazy sometimes, and sometimes you just don’t have the give a damn to do much at all. When those two things collide… yeah… it’s not pretty. Tomorrow … Continue reading


The Red Rubber Ball

So… there is this red rubber ball.  A guy at work found it behind a dumpster near work and brought it it.  On the ball it said “The Rules of the Red Rubber Ball”.  It caused a discussion among my … Continue reading