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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Joyous Monday Whatever you are doing this day, may it be magical. Here, in up-state Ohio, it has been snowing and it continues to snow.  The driveway is shoveled and salted.  The pies are in the … Continue reading


I’m Becoming Jaded

I’m becoming something I never wanted to be… Jaded. I play an online game.  I can’t devote much time to it, but when I play (pretty much every day for a few minutes) I make sure that I help all … Continue reading


Admitting When You Can’t…

Okay, so I’m really really struggling with coming to terms with the idea that there are just things that I can’t do.  Some of them I can’t do physically… some of them mentally-emotionally.  The physically one seems to be way … Continue reading


Happy Holidays, It’s not All About Me

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We have become a a society of me.  I’m not sure how or when it happened… but we have.  I’m not entirely sure who all has this ‘feature’ but looking at posts on Facebook and listening to people talk, it … Continue reading