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Overnight Oatmeal

Interesting… We were shopping last night and we found pre-packaged overnight oatmeal.  We haven’t actually tried them yet, but they are here. $2 a piece on sale.  I’m not really sure if that is exactly cheap… but the idea did … Continue reading


Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Not Ruined My Life

I’m sitting here 1. marking time at work before I go present my presentation on Email Etiquette and 2. Listening to Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  It is a fascinating book. RA Guy posted on Facebook a message that reached … Continue reading


The Tech Professional’s Guide to Communicating in a Global Workplace

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I got the cover proofs today for my latest book.  It’s really beginning to be real.  I found out yesterday that I will have the book proof to review first of February.  It looks like the release date will be … Continue reading


On Pulmonary Rehab, Ending Chemo and Radiation Treatments and Planning for Disney Half Marathon 2019

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It has been quite a week.  Started off very… um… white and cold with just about a foot of snow in our yard from the latest storm.  We got ice first then snow so it was a miserable few days. … Continue reading


Criminally Represensible

There was a beautiful precious young (very young) woman who was killed almost two years ago driving home from work because a man who wanted to commit suicide decided to drive the wrong way up the highway in the wrong … Continue reading


The Warm-up before the next freaking cold

It is way warmer today than it has been in over a week.  We actually are breaking freezing and tomorrow we are supposed to hit 56.  It’s a scary heatwave. Just enough for people to start getting sick again. That … Continue reading


Getting Past Bullshit

I’ve gotten older (obviously) and I have never had much of a filter to begin with.  Now that I’m getting older, and my RA has become such a “thing” in my life… and now that we are struggling with Bear’s Combined … Continue reading