On 54… RA and Surgery… and dogs

It’s been a really rough month. It’s been a kind of awesome month too. It’s been long.

My surgery went well and the lump that was on my elbow went away with the surgery. I healed and the 2 week appointment went smashingly. I was supposed to go back about a week later but I had to get stuff done at work, so I blew it off. Three days later I woke up with a raging infection in my elbow. I’ve been on one antibiotic or another for three weeks and tomorrow I go back again to see the doctor to see how I’m progressing. Most of the infection is gone, but… There seems to be another bump where the old bump used to be. This one is bigger. yay.

My elbow is now deformed worse than before and an elbow is a horrible place to have a lump. I work in IT. I have my elbows on the arms of my chair or against my desk all day long. This is not pleasant.

Worse, because I’m on antibiotics I wasn’t able to have my infusion last week. So I’m 5 weeks out on my 4 week infusion and I’ve been overdue too many times lately. I’m exhausted and I hurt and I don’t know if I hurt because of the infusion or because of the elbow deal. And I can see now that it’s going to be another week before I can get my infusion.

That means weigh in day in May may be iffy at best. I’m going to have to fight the swelly stuff that’s going on to keep my weight below 152. Granted I know I will lose 5 pounds right after my orencia, but $15 is $15.

Goofy has been having a few really bad puppy days the last few days. He’s gotten rough and he’s had a few accidents the last couple days (and it had been several weeks since that happened. That means that tomorrow morning we start really going walkies at 4 am. He’s going to start being my running buddy whether he likes it or not.

We are getting a fence (I’m pretty sure) that will help with that too. He can be out back without having to be tied down and he can run and run and run. He needs to have the walkies he’s missed the last couple days to keep the energy down, too.

And to top it off… today I am 54. Yay… more yay…


It is nearing the end of NaPoWriMo and I have kept up this year.

The weather has been really nice.

And… it is what it is.

Love and Light


One response to “On 54… RA and Surgery… and dogs

  1. After years of sore elbows I pried the arms off all my office chairs. This helped until i had to have a new chair and found the arm rests could not be removed. A local welder did the job.

    yea these we difficult days. Oh sure the arms came off, seems personnel take a dim view of welders hired by employees to remove things. Oh well.


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