A Barber’s Eye View of Arthritis

So, my daughter was diagnosed with osteo in her knees and we are looking at why her hands are stiff and sore much of the time.  Her preliminary blood work is negative (although not extremely negative… ) but it was pointed out that roughly 20-30 percent of people who have RA are negative for RF and are referred to as  seronegative.  We have more blood work scheduled for this week, and a rheumy appointment pending.

Her PCP suggested that it looks like it is a diagnosis down the road but until we hit the magic numbers, all we can do is modify the tools she uses in her world to make her life more comfortable.  He told her to Google it because there was bound to be other barbers with similar situations that probably are sharing their experiences.

Well… it appears that he was a bit wrong.  I would have thought I could find blogs on either barbers or hair dressers with arthritis.  I can find a bit of information on Carpal Tunnel and Beauticians but not anything really about barbers and barber tools.

So, we are going to be doing some real time experiments.

She has discovered that Oster Fast Feeds are lighter than her Masters clippers and therefore more comfortable over time.