My Training

Serenity at Animal Kingdom

Okay… again… keep in mind, this training is MY training… what I’m doing.  It isn’t your training nor should it be considered (FAR FROM IT) in any way the “right” way.  It’s the path I’m following.  I have faith it will get me there…

— August 21, 2013
I am fighting a fungal infection, a nasty cyst that needed to be lanced that is trying hard to drain, and getting my brain back into the groove of being “normal” again.  So, right now, I’m not really working much towards lowering weight or anything, but raising my water intake and getting my health stable again.
The doctor is happy that I’m healing so well with the new antibiotics and I haven’t had a pain pill in 24 hours so the end of the tunnel is in sight.
I signed up, yesterday, for a Gold’s Gym membership.  I am going to start training in a more logical and practical way here in the next couple days (as soon as I don’t want to scratch a few inches of skin off).  In the mean time, I’m really starting to think that I can do this, I can finish Disney and not get swept and still have a really special vacation.

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