Getting By, Every Day

So, you have RA, but RA doesn’t have to have all of you.  You don’t have to let it quietly win. There are creative things you can do to help you get by.  Here are a few I’ve stumbled over (almost literally sometimes) and some that I just happened to find by accident.

Use A Cane


One response to “Getting By, Every Day

  1. Hi, my name is Paul. I’ve had RA for several years now and my treatment is Methotreate. The side effects were becoming so bad that I was looking to move to a biologic. However, I stumbled upon what I feel is a magical method involving a certain amount of intense exercise whereby I no longer have side effects from Methotreate. My doctors have suggested I try to spread the word of my discovery on blogs – as they have never seen it. Any suggestions as to how best to spread the word about my discovery? I cannot say it would help everyone – but if it helps some – it would be great!


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