Use A Cane

Okay, I know that there are a lot of people who see this and think, well duh, I do that anyway, nothing new or big here.  There are others who say NO way, I’m not there yet and I’m certainly not ready to be.

Me, I’ve been both.  There are still days now that I need to use a cane because I just can’t get by without a little support.

But there are other days when I need to have a little extra hand and I use my canes for some additional length to my reach.

Put a cane in the laundry room and use it to help pick up things that fall on the floor.  There are many times when things fall and I just don’t feel like bending over to try to pick them up.  After my lower back decided it wasn’t overly happy with me, this is more often than not.  So I grab the cane by the bottom and use the ‘handle” to hook me up some clothes that fell on the floor.  It’s not always the most graceful thing to watch, but it works.

I do the same thing in the bathroom.  Picking up towels from the floor where they have been left laying is much easier if I can just snag them with the hooked end of my cane

I bought some of those cane/crutch covers, the ones to keep them from slipping or getting yukky on the bottom.  I sometimes use them to snag things that the hooked end doesn’t quite deal well with…. like socks.  You can slip the rubber tipped end into the top of the sock… or under the sock, and up she comes.


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