Tips, Tricks and Hints

General Half Marathon Tips and Hints

Please keep in mind, my half marathon isn’t your half marathon… and your experiences may or may not resemble mine.  I’m by NO means an expert.  I am just a middle aged chick with RA who needs to lose <mumble mumble> pounds who has survived three half marathons… and who is looking forward to experiencing Disney at least once.

No piece of advice will fit everyone.  No tip will work for everyone.  Simply know that some I’ve tried, most I’ve heard of and many I’m planning on trying as we go.

Before you start seriously considering jumping and trying to make it through a half marathon, talk to your doctor, talk to your family and have a serious talk with yourself.  Once you do that, and you are cleared that it won’t do you serious bodily harm, have at it.  The worst that can happen will be that you might fail (and I have heard many many times that I will probably fail at this attempt and “I don’t want to hear that it is my fault you failed”)

I’m going to to it anyway… so… neener neener neener…

— Pay Attention to your Food and Water intake.  Don’t eat anything wildly unusual in the day or two leading up to the race.  And always remember… Hydrate…. Hydrate…. Hydrate… Disney always seems to be particularly bad for me to remember to drink water and/or electrolyte replacement drinks.  When it comes to pre-race lead up days, you need to remember that it is even more important than other times.

Disney Half Marathon Tips and Hints

I think the biggest, most serious bone of contention currently is that I’m going to be an EPIC failure because we are going to be “doing Disney” for the week leading up to the race.  I’ve been assured that, if it were HIM that were running the race, he would be able to stay awake running full out for an entire week 24 hours a day 7 days a week and he would still be able to soar through everything with wings on his feet.  I, however, asked nicely to not have to stay up till midnight the night before the half  and get up at 3:00 the next morning to be at race central and I get attitude because I’m going to blame him because I’m SUCH an epic failure.  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell him that I just would like to get more than fifteen minutes sleep the night of the race, I get attitude.

I intend to overcome the attitude, get as much rest as I can during the week, and (if I have to) sneak off to the hotel all by myself and sleep race night for a reasonable amount of time.



— Part of what I’ve been reading and reading and reading is that… Yes, finishing matters, but you may not necessarily want to worry about making your time your personal best in a RunDisney race.  Part of the Disney experience… is the Disney experience.


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