Making use of Technology

Hello, my name is April and I’m a geek.  Techy toys are right up there near amazing yarn, freighter sightings, really cool beach glass/rocks and Sheetz coffee as my favorite things (things that are things, not to be confused with people) to have in my life.

I’ve been coming to rely more and more on technology to get me through my day to day crap.  It never ceases to amaze me that I walk around every day with a better computer in my pocket (or purse) than I had on my desktop when I started college.  More memory, more storage, more computing power… all in the palm of my hand.

In one handy dandy little device, I can carry nearly everything.  I load money onto my Sheetz card to buy coffee.  I carry all of my ‘store’ cards that give me discounts, calendar, book readers, camera, office suite to write on, blog app, meeting notifications… I have nearly everything I need in one tiny little box.