Bathtub Plugs



pulling the plug photo
One of the things that keeps me sane, that keeps my hands working when they get freezy freezy, that eases the aches and pains out to one degree or another, is a hot bath.  To my husband’s chagrin, I have the hot water tank turned WAY up because the bath is two floors up from the water tank and the tank doesn’t seem to hold enough HOT water to make the aches ease out with water deeper than four or five inches.  And a deep hot bath is heaven.

What isn’t heaven is, sometimes, trying to pull the plug to let the water out.

In our last house, the plug had to be pulled and turned in order to let the water out.  That didn’t lend itself to this “trick” nearly as well.  This home has a plug that you just have to pull straight up and it stays.

I have looped a pony tail holder (you know the kind, you can buy them in any store that sells hair brushes and shampoo) around the the plug and knotted it.  I did this when my fingers were cooperative.  It leaves a loop sticking up so I can hook a thumb or toe through the loop and pull.

If I’m particularly achey, I can loop a razor or the end of a cane or other tool through the loop and use that to help pull up the plug.  It might look a little weird.  I know it drives my cat (who sees pony tail holders as his private domain of toys) crazy, especially when there is a tub full of water and he can’t get at it.

Remember, it’s less about how it looks to people who don’t understand (or can’t understand) and more about making do so you can get through your day with the minimal amount of pain and dis-ease.

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