Running in the cold

It was frosty in central Texas yesterday and I got to go for my ‘run’ in the chill morning.  It was a fantastic run.  Hubby said at least I wouldn’t come back sweaty but I did.  I ‘ran’ the first set that didn’t have a cooldown slow down in the middle.  28 minutes of continued higher speed music.  It felt fantasic.  I’m starting to believe that I’m really weird.

Why do I do this at 5 am?  I got to see some of the most amazing meteor showers the last few mornings. I get to see the world start to come alive.  It makes the rest of my day feel fabulous.

The rest of the week (the daylight part of the week and this morning) hasn’t been so fabulous.  Last night was “deployment” night and I got the dubious honor of working the deploy.  4.5 long hours on a bridge conference call mostly listening to dead air periodically interspursed with small chunks of time with lots of discussions on issues that arose from the deploy.  DUring the day this week, I have a consultant in helping me with some of my databases and meetings that corespond directly with lunch.  So I haven’t been to the gym at all this week and I won’t likely be.  Makes me feel less than marvelous and like a slacker.



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