I must be doing it wrong

I go to the gym at lunch. I would ‘just’ run at lunch, but the gym has a shower…

I have decided, though, that I must be doing something wrong. When I go to the gym… I try to work hard enough to work up a sweat. I figure working hard means making progress.

Today, I decided that I have to be doing something wrong.

The guy on the bike next to me rode for about 5 minutes at about 60 rpm at level 1…
the guy on the bike next to him wasn’t working THAT hard.
the girl on the other side of me had on beautiful makeup and her hair all done up nice… and she was probably working not real hard… level 1 by watching her… 45 – 50 rpm.

while I admit I NEED to work harder than little chick on the bike does… I’m pretty sure that most of the people who go just use the gym as a place to hide out and have some quiet time and do a little movement but nothing too strenuous.

Am I missing something?

Guys who use the weights do… two, maybe 3 ‘reps’ and then sit for 10 minutes.
Does that work?
AM I working too hard at this? Should I spend more of my time coasting less of my time trying to keep my heart rate up?

I thought sweating was part of making some kind of progress…

I must be doing this all wrong.

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