On Being a Good Example

Today, I feel pretty good (even though I don’t figure many people, at this point will ever know or care that I do… sigh).

This morning, my mom called me from her walk… she sets her goals every day that she and my sister walk.  They walk to the next bench and sit and talk… then head for the next bench.  I’m so glad they are walking and that they have each other to walk with.  Sometimes, she said, they make it further than the next bench.  Ultimate goal is a complete circuit from car to car around the park and back again.

Tonight, I found out that the advice I gave someone else is helping her, too.

It is good to be able to be a help.

Today, I did 30 solid min on the incline treadmill 18% incline max, 4.2 miles per hour (I am determined to be able to hold a 15 min mile for at least 8 miles by October when I do the half marathon).  Then I stretched and my stress headache went (mostly) away!  Woohoo!!!.

Last night I had a tension headache that wouldn’t quit… the price of being a type a with a project that has to come in on time…

Mornings are getting horribly warm and humid, but I need to keep up with my workouts in the morning becuase it makes the days much better… less stressful.


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