Sunday Morning Guilt Free Workout

Okay, so… maybe not ENTIRELY guilt free.  If it weren’t for guilt, I probably wouldn’t have gone today.  I wanted desperately to go yesterday, but it was a way rainy morning and I wanted just as despirately to play with my electronics.  This morning it looked like it might decide to be rainy, but I figured it wasn’t rainy yet and I could probably stay reasonably close to home.

I didn’t want to get stuck around the back side of the park if it really cut loose, so I decided to “just” hit the park creek, to see what I could see from the rain… then I swung up around through the ball park, checked out the changes there, and headed out to the road…. back up through the ballpark parking lot and around towards home.

On my way out, I managed to loose my bandanna from being tied to my fanny pack.  It was just a trifle annoying.  I like my pink bandanas and I figured I would never be able to find it… that I would have to haul my butt to walmart to buy a duplicate.  The pink ones are important to me.  Pink is the color of Breast Cancer support… and “The Pink One” (Princess Aurora)… sorry… it is a humor filled day.  I didn’t have anything to wipe my the sweat (and it was humid enough today… that I was majorly sweaty) but I made do (went to the bathroom at the convenience store and got paper towels… ).

It was great to see what all the rain did.  It washed rocks to all the wrong places. It made SO much mud.  I don’t deal well with treading through mud on a good day, but this… man… this was slippy and slidey and really hard to navigate.  And the mud here is all wrong… not like mud back home, slick but sticky too… so getting it off your shoes is a real treat.

Going around the ball park was really cool.  We didn’t actually make any games this year… so getting up close and personal with the diamond was really neat.  There are new pictures, new signs, new construction… I love the really neat posts outside the new Intel Private place they just built.  The posts are regular concrete posts, they have baseballs on top of them (the baseballs are concrete too and are the size of basketballs).

The parking lot was full of shallow puddles.  Shiny in the early morning… cloudiness.

There were lots of people out this morning.  Passed a lady and her dog (her running partner)

I have spent a good bit of time figuring out the wonder of the new toy.  You can hold it two different ways and it seems to automagically figure out what direction the video is supposed to be seen in.  Holding it the wrong way and it doesn’t pivot it itself.  And trying to find a way to pivot it on my own is a REAL treat… NOT.  I can’t find anything that will do it for me without spending a fortune.

This is what happens if you hold it in your left hand with the camera to the right…

Holding it vertically with the camera down actually will play correctly, as well.

It was neat talking to the iPod this morning, though.  I figure that mom will enjoy the play by play commentary.  No one looked at me too weirdly while I was talking to myself.  I figured out that I can take video (is this podcasting??? ) and still keep up a pretty brisk pace.

You know… it’s funny… my toes hurt this morning (like I needed to crack the toe knuckles) and my knee felt like it was black and blue.  After my outing, I felt a little sore, but I feel so much better.  I already know that tomorrow morning I’m heading out at about 4:30 for an hour before I’m back at it.  That time of day, it will be up and down the streets of the housing area.  But it will be for an hour.

How many steps during my outing today?


580 calories down…

Back home, eggs and toast and black coffee and tea and water.

Today was a wonderful day

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