Reading Everything You Need To Learn and Do

Been doing a lot of reading… Not probably the best use of my time off… but it is effective, and it means that I am learning and starting to deal with… life… exercise… diet… rest…

It is a really really good book… A Patient-Expert walks you through everything you need to learn and do… the first year… Rheumatoid Arthritis… an Essential guide for the Newly Diagnosed.

I could probably drown myself in pity (and once in a while, I do… but only for a few hours or a day)… or dwell on the things that tell you all of the horrible things that could happen to you… but to what end… for what purpose? All that would do is make me feel worse. With this book, I am looking at how to live life and make life better…


2 responses to “Reading Everything You Need To Learn and Do

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  2. That’s a good book. Another one I found very helpful was the Arthritis Foundation’s Guide to Good Living With RA.


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