Happy New Year

Sitting here… furry little dog at my feet… contemplating… everything

It is interesting, the first day that I start taking my methatrexate is the first day of the year. I’m trying to figure out if that is just the way my luck is running or if it is cosmic humor… I think it probably will end up being a foreshadowing of the year to come.

I’m scared. The doctor warned me that I’m liable to have a less than fantastic weekend. I really don’t want to get sick in an attempt to get well.

5 am this morning, I was up before the sun with DS on a walk (more like a mosey… but this morning, mosey was just what I needed). We have a ‘typical’ walk that we go on when we walk together (we end up doing about 3 miles… we end up at a cement picnic table and bench usually chatting). This morning we were going to pick up a dozen donuts at the new donut store (kind of defeats the purpose of the walk… ). Who knew donut stores take off for new years morning. This store usually opens at 5… we were there at the store at about 6… no dice… sigh. so we mosied a bit further past the ball park until it got cold enough walking in just a hoody and not generating any body heat that we opted to go home. Called home to get a ride (promply took a detour to get donuts at the grocery store). It was 36 degrees… not really hoody weather.

I’ve been forcing the smooshy swollen achey out of my knuckles. Hot bath helped with that… but it is tight and sore still.

Now… I’m working on trying to get computers fixed while I still feel like getting the stuff done… Not going great. Probably not going to be in the mood to deal with Dell support tomorrow… but then, I’m usually not in the mood to be talked down to by some guy…


3 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Hoody in 36 degrees? Brrrrr!

    Did you say that you’re taking folic acid? I don’t see mention of that anywhere. Methotrexate uses up folic acid, so it’s pretty standard to take 1mg of folic acid every day if you’re taking mtx weekly. And you might consider taking the mtx at bedtime so that if there are unpleasant side effects, you’ll sleep through the worst of them.

    Do you have a paraffin bath? My PCP recommended one and I found it for $25ish at WalMart. It feels really nice to dip hands/feet/elbows in the hot wax. Just a thought, since you mentioned the hot bath.



    • LOL… If I had been walking on my own (REALLY walking… I’m trying to do the Austin Half Marathon on Valentines day and I can average 4+ miles an hour) a hoody would have been enough… or maybe a hoody with a shirt under it. With my kid… we don’t go for the training. He decides he needs to walk and then we mosey… mosey doesn’t do well with those temperatures.

      Yes, I started my folic acid a couple days ago and I’m taking it every morning. I took the mtx late yesterday afternoon and promptly fell asleep. I woke up light headed about half way through the night, but did actually sleep through most of whatever might have been the worst of it. Rheumy said that was the best way to do it… that way if there are any, I don’t notice them so much. Not sure why the Friday deal is thrown in there… but hey.

      No, she didn’t tell me about a paraffin bath… neither the PCP or the Rheumy… but I did some digging after reading the comment and it looks promising… I have to order it site to store, they don’t carry it within 100 miles of my zip code, but that isn’t awful. I can get it on amazon, too… same one… and it looks like I can get lavender scented paraffin, as well. I’m thinking that next pay day that night just be my splurge…

      And… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


      • If there is a Sally’s Beauty Supply anywhere near you (they are like mushrooms around here), you may be able to get a really decent paraffin bath for not so much money. Check it out. I’m taking 10 mg of MTX twice a day one day a week, and am taking 5mg of Folic Acid daily (3mg in am and 2mg in pm). After about a month or so, the MTX didn’t give me as many symptoms. Never had the light-headedness, but did have some nausea, and (before rheumy upped my FA, had some nasty mouth ulcers). Everyone reacts differently to MTX, but, generally, the side effects decrease as your body gets used to it.

        Hope your rheumy doc is as great as mine is. He’s on the national board of the Arthritis Association, and does a good bit of research. He’s very kind, but very objective, too. He has to be to deal with all the autoimmune diseases he sees everyday.

        Develop a good support system among your friends and relatives. If you find someone who seems to kinda-sorta understands and is willing to do what is necessary to understand better and to help you, hang on to that friend! I’m fortunate my husband is my best of all friends, and works on taking care of me – seeing to it I don’t overdo, but that I don’t laze my days away, either. I require a little needling to do what I can for myself, and more needling to not overdo. We are fortunate our children and grandchildren also are extremely helpful and caring. That support system is spectacularly needed and appreciated, I can tell you!

        Another resource, in case you haven’t found it, is the Rheumamisfits Forum. This absolutely is the best forum for RA, and associated diseases that I have found. Rheumamisfits

        Hope some of this helps. There are lots of us “out there” with RA who will be delighted to give you encouragement and any help along that we can.


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