Starting to Feel Semi-Human again

Okay… the morning after the day before (aka… the day after the race) wasn’t pretty.  I worked 17 hours.  My hips hurt.  My knees hurt.  My calves hurt.  I walked like a goony bird…

Aleve helped some but not a lot… Prednisone wasn’t so great either.  I just hurt.

Now, several hot baths later and a semi-good night’s sleep (thank you to my Bichon who thinks I’m there to keep her warm and comfortable) and I’m starting to feel semi human again.

Hips are sore (not a 9 like yesterday, more like a 5).  Knees aren’t so bad.  Calves are still pretty sore, but not really so bad… and that is a sore I expected.

People have asked, are you sorry you did it?

NO!!! I finished a half marathon before they closed the course and I actually made it in before some people… I even passed people on the road.

People have asked would I do it again…

Yes, I would.  I’m not sure when.. but I will do it again.

DS wanted to know if I will do the full next year.  Probably not.  The half you only have to average about an 18 min mile.  The full you have to do better than that… Given the hills and the way feel, I’m not sure I can make the minimum expected speed.

A year ago, I wanted desperately to do a half at least, but I had my doubts.  I don’t anymore.

And if I can do it, almost anyone can.


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