Prednisone Free Day

Okay… I KNOW this is going to be a mistake… but… I have to do it sometime again.

Last night was my ‘add another 2 to my MTX dosage night’ and man did I feel it this time.  Last night it made me dizzy.  Today I feel light headed and nauseous.  I’m hoping that is a good sign because it means it is working.  I’m not holding out a lot of hope… but hey.

Friday night the dryer broke… so we are dryerless for a bit.  It is a gray Saturday, so hanging clothes on my “I don’t have a clothesline hidden on the back porch” won’t work so well unless the wind picks up or the clouds blow out.

Thursday was my annual PCP physical… so in general this is a less than stellar week.  I have not heard back on my tests yet, and I didn’t really expect to, yet.  Is it a bad thing that I feel like a fatalist and figure something will be found this year in my tests?  Doctor did congratulate me on my half marathon finish (medal came Thursday, so that was a bright spot) and on my 5 pound weight loss since November.  Think it would have been a bad thing to rat myself out and tell her that I gained about 4 pounds gearing up for my race?

Naw… I will have (hopefully) some of that off by my next Rheumy appt on the 4th.

So, yesterday was my last day on 2.5 mg prednisone.  I took 5 though monday to get through the race without killing anyone… and down to half all week.  I want to see what I can accomplish now without any.  I hope that I’m not being optimistic that the MTX is working and it is really the predisone hiding stuff… but I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed…

For now… I have computer maintenance to do… clean up one desktop so we can get it working better… make backups of some more files than I had actually planned, but it is better to have too many backups than not enough.

maybe take a trip to the laundromat (washateria?) to dry clothes for the school week.


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