The Little Things #4… Hot Water

Okay… maybe it isn’t so little, but it is a wonderful thing and it is something that I guess I kind of take for granted.  Even more now with the achies that settle in and take up residence in my arms and fingers and ankles and toes… I rely on the fact that the magic hot water will come out of the spigot (tap) whenever I want to soak in the bath.

But yesterday, I took a bath and the water was… marginally warm.  Not cold, but our water NEVER seems to be cold unless it comes out of the fridge.  Definitely not hot, though.  I thought… hmmm must not have washed any clothes or anything for a while… and I finished my bath.

Amandya took a shower… and it wasn’t even a school day… mark that on on the calendar… and was NOT happy because the water was barely warm.

THAT got me thinking.  I wonder if there is something wrong with the water heater…

And I was right.

Called Rotor Rooter (not a memorable experience… they were so sort of ho-hum yeah…. okay… they charged 100 to end up relighting the pilot light (which I did… and did… and did…)) and they fixed it.

Today…. I can take a nice hot bath again… to ease the ouchies… and enjoy the quiet.


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