Allergy alert commercial

Okay… time for yet another commercial that makes me just scratch my head.

there is one with wonderful children (young kids) who know what their allergy triggers are.  You are supposed to go to a website to see if your kids are at risk for anaphalaxis.  It is supposed to help you figure it out…

you click boxes next to things that you know have caused you or your child issues in the past (there are several common allergens) and several of the common allergic reactions.  you click the boxes and it tells you what you already pretty much know if you have gotten that far… you have triggers and you are at some risk.

This is going to tell you that your child, who has had some reaction, that your child may have another reaction and it may get worse.

I have to tell you… if your child has any reaction, it can get worse… way worse… My squirrel’s first trip to the hospital was for her shell fish allergy.  She could have died.  Despite claims to the contrary to this day by someone who shall not be named who thinks it is fantastic to tell everyone that we now have a slew of shell fish in the freezer and who claims all she really needed was a little benedryl… NOT…

But the website in question won’t give you anything much more than you already have.  See an alergist so you know if you need epipens or if you have to worry about more than you realize you have to worry about (like dust mites in our case)…


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