Look Deeper

What you are experiencing with your RA (for RA, insert whatever situation or condition you want to put in there).  Are you getting everything out of your life that you want?  What can I do to get more out of life.  How does RA impact your body?  More important, how does RA impact your emotions?

This morning, there was a really interesting commercial on TV about living with RA.  It WASN’T selling a new drug, it was a motivational speaker who has RA who is trying to get across to others with RA that they (we) can impact our lives.  I guess there really was a reason I was awake really early (besides the silly dog had to pee)… hello… yes, I’m listening… and yes, I’m listening mom…

The website was Real RA Living and it is put together by Bristol-Myers Squibb, but it isn’t in your face selling drugs.  It is about how you can take charge of your life and how you can learn to live with RA in many different ways.

The website has information about how RA affects your body… and how it affects your mind… about your moods… and kind of some (maybe not as much as I would have liked… but… hey… that is why I really like Yoga so much) about the mind body connection.  It is a well put togehter website, even if it isn’t incredibly deep on help or information, it gives you a place to start digging and start thinking.  And it gives you likes to other online resources (like the Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis Support and Let’s Talk RA) where more information can be gotten.

Some of what is on the website is stuff that I learned because I’m me.  I dug as much as I could when I was diagnosed and I learned as much as I could… but a lot of it even if I did “know it” I needed to be reminded of.

I can take control.  I can affect the way I feel… and the way I look at things.


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