I never claimed to be smart

It’s 5:30 the morning after Christmas.  I’m sitting in the car in Walmart parking lot.  It is 30 degrees and the radio music is back to “mormal” (no more Christmas music). Found out that Walmart doesnt open till 6 so i figured i would catch up with this.  I love my phone.
The cars, most of them anyway, are frost covered… And I have on my Vibrams hairless hobbit shoes.  Not really smart probably.
Yesterday was Christmas.  Adam was up early for a change and prowling for people to be up to open stuff. I havecalways had kids who sleep in even on Christmas so this was really novel. 
I figured out early on that i really dont want to lift and carry a turkey ehen my back still hurts.  I busted my but most of the day fixing dinner and it turned out really well.  Angie even thanked me for dinner.  That made me smile. 
After dinner at our house I sat down and watched my mom stream video from Christmas dinner at her house (actually my brother’s apartment).  All of a sudden I am a big fan of Ustream.  It was wonderful to be able to be a fly on the wall at home and to vicariously be there with them.  Trooper was a character as always.  Amandya got to see that her favorite uncle looks very down when she isnt there to keep him animated.  Adam got mooned by Billy snd Trooper and wished Merry Christmas.    It was really wonderful and it was really hard because it reminded me that we are half a country away.  I wouldnt have traded it for anything.
And the pager didnt go off once… It is all mine for two long weeks and it has been blissfully quiet so far.
Now… It is almost time to go try to fight the other loonies for soap and hand cream… I must be crazy.


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