The colors of pain

When I go to the doctor she always asks me to quantify my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10.  I’m getting use to this scale and use it frequently with my kids to judge how crappy They are feeling.
Just lately however I have started to think of pain more in terms of colors than numbers.  While attributing colors to pain doesn’t lend itself as well to quantification… it allows for much greater accuracy in qualification.
Sometimes it is dark gray…. when it is there but aches more than hurts.
When I flare it can be bright green… blaze orange…. or lemon yellow.
My hip has been starting to act really stupid.  If I sit for more than an hour and stand up… the pain is a bright shiny silver in bright sunshine. …


One response to “The colors of pain

  1. I think my pain rainbow would be red, blue, yellow too, white, and black.


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