On being early


Sometimes I feel really goofy (the silliness not the dog) because I am terminally early.  There is a wonderful member of my family who made me his way although she doesn’t know it.  She is ALWAYS late and I am determined to not be her.  So I ended up at my dr appointment half an hour early. 
From the balcony of the still locked office I saw this bridge.  It is nothing more or less than a knee high railing on a wooden walkway over a drainage ditch but it was just what I needed to help center and ground myself ths morning.
Sometimes I don’t feel so goofy for being early…


One response to “On being early

  1. Me too! I am an early bird that is and always have been. I find it let’s me be alot less stressed. I think I owe this to my gramma…she was a really, really early bird. Like up before the sun even began to peek over the horizon at all 😉


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