Up and trying to loosen up

Up early this morning even for me. Starting to feel the stiff achy creep in. It’s been a week and a half without either enbrel or mtx and I’m starting to feel it. I think it is going to be a long month…
Today is yoga day and pager turnover day so it isn’t like I’m not looking forward to today. I think it is helping sitting here in the quiet dark not quite meditating, but at least communing with the local owl and the morning freight trains. Even the silly wiggle dog isn’t minding the 78 degree morning. It definitely is better than the 105 that it will be this afternoon.
I’m thinking that no matter what my brain thinks about how wonderful a nice hot bath would feel, a cool soak would probably make my fingers and toes feel better. I wonder if maybe I could find a way to soak all but my hands and feet in a hot bath and those in cool water… Hmmm… Probably not and be very comfortable, huh? Ah well.
Well… Have a marvelous Thursday!


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