The Next Adventure Begins

Sitting in the living room family room den thing where I have been hanging out an inordinate amount the last week.  Fringe is on TV.  Showered and dressed… hobbit feet propped up on the coffee table.  A couple hours from now I head to the airport.  Electronics are all charging, just so I’m covered for the next 12 hours.  Packing is all done.

Ecuador, here I come.

Not sure why this trip feels so huge to me.  I mean, I know that it’s my first international flight alone, even though I won’t be alone alone… we are traveling as a herd.

The altitude scares me.  Not like Everest would (even base camp) but I know that I’m looking at a headache for the next few days and that won’t be fabulous.  I’m all packed with as many medications as I can think to take.  I know I will miss something.  It is inevitable.  I wonder if the change in altitude will piss off the RA.  I know exercise, for the next few days at the very least, is out.  But will there be any interesting side effects to the ouchies or swellies?  I guess time will tell.

WHY is my iPad update taking so long?  None of the other updates took this long… sigh…

The remnants of last night’s Sheetz coffee is feeling very friendly this morning.  I wonder what Ecuadorian coffee tastes like.  I wonder what interesting food will present itself.

I wish I remembered more from Pitt Spanish.

I wonder if I will “get” to see a volcano erupt.  2 weeks… and it has been move and more active since February… I’m betting I might get so see something.

I want to explore.  But I doubt I will have much time for exploring.

I’m looking forward to being actively involved in SIT.  I’m not sure what to expect or to what degree I will be engaged.  It is a functional thing.  But I will be a part of the team… the incoming team… but also the bigger Quito team and the bigger Sherwin team.  I’m nervous but I’m excited.

The adventure begins… wonder what the next two weeks will hold.


2 responses to “The Next Adventure Begins

  1. Have a wonderful adventure.


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