Good Morning


Good Morning

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

One of my favorite quotes.  Because it is quite often very true.  I know that I will never be able to run fast enough down the hill to actually be able to walk on top of the water in Wolf Creek.  I know that I will never be able to run fast enough to be able to jump off of the cellar porch and take flight.  But I know that there are many many things that I can do that I only have to believe that I can to do them.

Some days the doing is harder than the believing but it is possible.

This morning I find myself sitting on my porch listening to the world around me.  The squirrels are playing in the trees, their nails scratching madly against the bark of the oak tree in the neighbor’s yard.  My water fountain gurgles quietly at the edge of the porch.  The machines at the new Giant Eagle store just yards away growl and beep.  Dozens of kinds of birds lend their voices to the morning.  And here Peanut and I sit taking it all in.

I finished the piece I was working on for Health Monitor on hints and tips for getting through every day with RA.  I’ve been working on my latest geek book.

My back hurts.  My hands hurt.  And I realize that I make the choice to try to be in a good mood or I make the choice to not be in a good mood.  There is an edge to my mood… and I know that.  And the edge makes itself painfully known when I get interrupted every sixteen words because the people that sleep till noon on Tuesdays get up at six on Saturday so we can spend the WHOLE day chatting despite the fact that I get quizzed on my progress on my book about once a week.  This morning, the edge is there.  But I try to enjoy the morning any way.  I have to.

whether I think I can or I think I can’t I’m probably right.


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