Not QUITE as advertised

We went to Sheetz (convenience store) a couple weeks ago… got coffee (I love Sheetz coffee… maybe less because it is incredible, but it is good, as much as because it is Sheetz and it is from the home towns I grew up in) and when we were checking out Squirrel bought each one of us one of these.

They are advertised as being AMAZING… works on any touch screen… buttos… door handles… wooooooo

Andy they are good. They do work on door handles. They are great on buttons. They have a nice weight and are great if you are stressed and need something to fiddle with.

They do not work on all touch screens. If they are pressure sensitive, it works. If they are like your phone or tablet, maybe… maybe not. It didn’t work at the grocery store. It did work at the bank. It did not work at the gas pump.

Thinking through all of those things you touch (or used to touch in your previous existence)… they will work on elevator buttons (most, anyway)… they will work on most vending machines…. They will work to help with many faucets in public bathrooms (but you might want to carry your own towel like things).

It is comfortable in my hands even when they ache. Big hole means it slide over my knuckles even when they are swelly. A side benefit… I have started to use it at home to help pick up things like… bucket handles… gallon jugs that I filled from the rain barrels.

And, if I put a carabiner on it, I can hang my mask off of it when I’m in the car.

I’m pretty sure that, if I carry it while I’m running, I could do some damage if some asshole tries to mess with me, too… the straight pointy part isn’t long, but with a decent swing I could probably do some damage… just saying…

Are they worth the money? Probably. Just don’t count too heavily on them being the be all and end all of everything. Nothing is a magic bullet… even magic bullets.

Love and Light
June 30 2020


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