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In The Silence There is Peace

Puppy doodle and I are sitting in the living room.  The Christmas tree is on.  The only sounds are the ticking of the cuckoo cuckoo clock and the rain (and occasionally the furnace kicking on to chase the chill).  It’s a beautifully peaceful morning to be writing and just being.

It’s not like this very often.  It’s like this even less often the last week or so.  It’s something I’m treasuring this morning.

It’s been raining all night.  Not a hard rain… just… rain.  The sound of it on the roof could easily put me to sleep.   I keep looking at the fireplace thinking that it would be really nice to start a fire and just be here in this place all day… But the coffee is thirty feet away in the kitchen and it keeps calling my name.  If I get up, Peanut will insist that there be food, and she’s so peacefully asleep…

Today I’m going to mix up a couple of batches of egg muffins.  I tried a batch yesterday and they were a pretty big hit.  6 eggs, a few tablespoon fulls of milk and a greased muffin tin are all you really need.  You can add in all of you favorite breakfast things or omelette things.  Yesterday was just cheese.  Today, I have some sausage I’m going to brown up, maybe some bacon, cheese and red and green peppers…

Heat oven to 400 F
Grease the muffin pan
Scramble the eggs and milk together (add salt and pepper if you want)
put “stuff” in the muffin tins… the sausage and/or extras
pour the egg mixture over the stuff
pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes (until the eggs poof up and look a little brown and are “set”)
take them out and run a knife around each muffin
let them sit a couple minutes
out they come.

6 eggs make about 6 muffins… so… one egg per muffin tin hole roughly… do the math… not bad

I ate mine yesterday with salsa and they were really yummy.  I hear tell that they keep well in the fridge and microwave up toasty warm in just a few seconds for breakfasts all week.  I have my doubts they will make it that long… but hey… a girl can dream.

I figure I might as well take advantage of the way I’m feeling today to get some crap accomplished!


OH… I’ve also taken up knooking.  Knitting with a crochet hook that has a big long string attached to its butt.  I’ve never been able to get my head around knitting.  I’ve tried SO many times over the years and gotten frustrated.  I love the way knitted projects look… the way the weave looks… but trying to get a project accomplished was horrible for me.  And trying to even get the needles to do what they were supposed to do the last few years has just been literally too painful for me to even make the effort. Crochet seems to just have different motions and that doesn’t irritate nearly as badly.

I saw these “hooks” (they look just like a crochet hook) at my local yarn store and thought I would try.  It was $6 for three hooks… I’m not out too terribly much if I can’t do it or I hate it… eh… why not.  So I’m learning… and I’m really liking it.  I made a small square to just see how I liked it and it’s pretty neat.  Now I’m working on a hat… one of those LONG stocking caps from forever ago (the ones like in pictures of the 50s) and it’s working and I’m enjoying it.  I even figured out how to bind off and add stitches without it looking ratty!  I work with a hook about five minutes out of an hour at work, when my hands start to get a little achey from typing.  The rheumy said to change what I do to keep things from aching too much.  It’s working.

The gallbladder surgery makes me feel almost human again.  There have been a few really not great days when I know I’ve lifted more than I’m supposed to and I ache in a not fabulous way, and I know I have to give my body time to heal better… but I’m feeling so much better.  I’m glad I got it done and I wish I could have had it done in October when it really started to bother me badly.

AND… I’m a week away (a week tomorrow) from the Santa Hustle in Cedar Point.  I’m hoping I can make it under the cutoff time.  If anything is going to stop me it’s going to be the remnants of my surgery.  I’m really looking forward to ‘running’ across the causeway and getting some pictures of the lake.  Last night I bought a pair of candy can stripe legging (and a pair of snowflake ones in case the candy cane ones don’t quite fit right)  and a Christmas lights shirt to wear for the race.  With the dry fit Santa jacket that comes with packet pick up and the 40 F degree day, I’m thinking it is going to be a really nice day to race.

Have a marvelous weekend everyone.  Enjoy your world.


3 weeks to race day

The Santa Hustle is just three weeks away. I am way not as prepared for it as I should be.  My work project and my gall bladder issues kind of all got in the way of really really training.  But I am really pretty psyched about the race.  It’s way cool to have the course going through Cedar Point.  It’s even cooler in my humble opinion to have it be across the causeway and to ‘run’ beside the lake.

I’m weird, I know.

I’m kind of a lot bummed because I’m probably going to be going all alone.  Like when I started halves in Austin.  Up at o-dark-thirty… drive my own butt to Sandusky and make sure I’m there before 6:30 because I know I won’t be going to packet pick up on Saturday (duh) and they already warn you of the long lines.

Starting line… alone… but I will have my music all ready…

I have to maintain about a 15 minute mile…

There are not very many water/aid stations along the way… Only six.  There are usually stations every mile… That one worries me just a little.  BUT there are also cookie stations and candy stations… so… I’m thinking that will probably help.

The causeway is supposed to be windy.  I need to be sure I have enough batteries for my weather proof camera… and my ear muffies are on sufficiently tight…

I hope I cross in time… before the 12:30 close.  I already can envision being incredibly demoralized by about mile 8.  It’s not Disney… and I know I will be heading to a lonely finish line.  I’m worried that my head will be worse at this one than it was at my last Austin one.  At least at that one everyone was there and I knew I would find them somewhere even if I had to do it all alone.  (turned out that I didn’t have to do it all alone… DS was there to walk me in and cheer me on again)…

I’m a little worried.
I’m a lot worried about the drive home. I don’t know what the weather will be.  I don’t know how I will feel (I could be incredibly fine like I was for Disney… I could be incredibly horrible like I was for my first… and my last… Austin races).  I will have to be sure I start a week long series of prednisone about mid week that week… just to be on the safe side.

I’m excited… I’m nervous… I’m back to doing something I really enjoy a lot… I wish I were dreading it less than I am.