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SlimQuick Cleanse and Jump Start Pack

It was my early birthday present to me… I figured what can it hurt and it might help me get past this plateau that nothing seems to be helping… not adding weights, not adding reps and reps to the weights, not adding in elliptical and yoga… nothing…

Been on the Cleanse pills for starting on the 4th day.  Not sure I’m feeling a whole lot different… at least not a whole lot different than I was feeling before I started them… and I don’t think I’ve actually dropped any weight becuase of the cleanse itself yet… but I’m only at the halfway point.

I really enjoy the morning lemon water that they recommend as part of the cleanse (2T lemon juice in 8oz luke warm water).  It is a great way to wake up in the morning.  I’ve been drinking more of the jasmine green tea at work than the coffee lately and I haven’t had a regular coke or pepsi in probably a week… and I’m really not feeling the worse for wear because of it, either… less caffien hasn’t really necessarily been a bad thing.  And water… been drinking gallons and gallons of water…

I really hope something helps get me past this place where I am. I haven’t changed anything weight wise in weeks.  Still adjusting inches around, but I keep thinking about the people on Biggest Loser and thinking that if they have one week where their weight doesn’t change they are devistated and thrown off the ranch and I’ve been stuck here for what seems like ever.