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Little Known Facts… October 8 2013… Favorite books

I actually had a conversation about this not too terribly long ago.
My favorite book of all time is “<a href=”http://youtu.be/QKHar6X3Nnw”>The Lorax” by Dr Seus</a>s.
Now, I know there are a few people who know this, but it’s little known facts so… Yeah.
I remember when Dr. Seuss stories were on TV at least once a yeah and I always looked forward to watching The Lorax.

I got a coffee cup several years ago at Universal Studios (they have a land that is all Seuss) shaped like a flower pot that has the Lorax on it. It’s awesome!
Unless someone cares a whole awful lot nothing’s going to change, it’s not.
My second most favorite book is “Love You Forever”. I got a copy of this one for Mother’s Day this year from my 6 foot tall 21 year old baby boy.
I catch myself humming the lullaby I used to sing to him and his sister.