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Feet Feet Feet (and fingers)

I’ve decided that I hate Raynauds even more than it’s achey painfully cousin RA.  Why?  My feet are cold.  All the damn time.  Not really cold to the touch (although that too pretty often) but they are freezing.  They are so cold it aches.  My fingers ache clean up past my wrists.

I have fallen in love with my daughter’s heating pad for her back.  Last night I curled up under a quilt, a warm heavy fuzzy blanket and a comforter and I could not get my toes (clear up to the middle of my feet…. toes) warm no matter what I did.  I put that heavenly heating pad on top of the heavy blanket and in 20 min my feet were finally warm.

This morning, they were freezing again… hot bath… a soak in a HOT bath tub… and they were warm.  The day warmed up enough that heavy socks and wooly crocks are keeping my tootsies warm… but I know it will end.

It’s depressing to know that this is how it is going to be.  I can’t ‘fix’ it I can just deal with it.  I’ve given up trying to put on a front, when my hands are cold, I wear my cut off finger glovies and I make the best of how they look.  I wear warm socks even in my Vebrams and I deal.  I hate it, but it is what it is.