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Making a Fist

069I found out, yesterday, that my inabiltiy to make a fist right now is (most likely) attributable to tenosynovitis. Given the way it presented (one finger on one hand) the Rheumy was kind of surprised that I have it.
She sent me down to get blood work and an x-ray (nothing broken, apparently), called in a perscirption for prednisone (I’m taking 40 mg for a few days and it seems to be wroking, at least way better than 20 did… it’s not all better, but way better… I’m not wanting to chew nails at any rate) and I’m to call her back tomorrow.
So this morning, I’m nearly able to make a fist (nearly… way closer than yesterday when my finger wouldn’t even bend).
That said, I’ve decide that today I have a reason to make a fist and do that whole WOOHOO thing fist pump knee raised.
I signed up today to make this blog my actual registered URL (and the payment went through this time). So from now on, I will not only be on the WordPress URL (https://figmentoffitness.wordpress.com/), I will also, officially, be at http://figmentoffitness.com.
I’ve tried this independently before. I think it’s way worth the money to have done it this way, and the URL is mine as long as I want it to be… for a small annual fee.
so I want to do the whole woohoo thing
I guess I will have to do it with my right hand, rather than my left, at least for another day or two!